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7 Inch 18.09.17
invisible starlight is a ripping tune by an unknown midwestern funk outfit with a driving backbeat and soaring horns. it sounds like ohio to us, but we can t be certain. however, we are sure that this band must have rocked local bowling alleys and lounges wherever they went. universal cave is proud to present our edit to our fellow 45 loving movers and groovers. on the flip, the beat broker rounds out the original with his signature style and an impeccable ear. the kind dub s sun drenched delay and reinforced drums ensure that invisible starlight will shine on any dancefloor.
Universal Cave Records
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12 Inch 18.09.17
the beat broker has been a crucial character of the sentrall story since it s inception. as one of the most consistent releasers on the label (other than its founder), his voice in sentrall s sound is unmistakable: flittering stacks of echoing synths and that undeniable low-and-slow chug. the beat broker returns with a pair of super slow burners that conjure endless summer rooftop parties in the haze of the sweltering heat. the 85bpm title track is an archetypal pacifica slow-burner — the soundtrack to your life in slow motion, when everything is right with the world, the smiles are eternal and you feel like you re in a movie montage. on the flip, get lifted with the balmy 101bpm head-nodder -new aged.- the warmth of the melody envelops you as you bounce, laughing in the waves of the pacific.
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12 Inch LP 20.07.17
in 2013, we released the debut album from the beat broker. it went down a storm with both the disco buying public and critics alike. fast forward to 2017 and we are just as pleased to welcome the second album from the san francisco resident. he is here to share his sunshine once more.
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seeing as public release is a san francisco label and sister to face, a long-running local party, you could say it was inevitable the label would put out a record that candidly celebrates its hometowns talent, color, character. 415-pr10, whose name is an ode to s.f.s first, emblematic area code, is exactly that: a frenetic survey of some of northern california’s finest producers— and a blueprint of sorts for more similarly-minded and themed eps in the future
Public Release Recordings
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12 Inch 04.07.16
four floaty dubs & re-rubs from san francisco s ryan bishop aka the beat broker (bear funk, flexx, adult contemporary, etc). many heads probably best know ryan as the brains behind dream chimney, one of the longest-running and most consistently interesting online hangouts for like-minded music freaks. this 12- busts loose with -satin kimono,- a funky floor-filler with the most perfect aor song title in existence. -make it happen- cools the a-side down with a mellow yet uplifting soft rock groover, dubby voices beckon the listener to break free and never look back. -honey it s you- is a pumped up edit of an old chimney classic and was crafted specifically as a wedding gift for fellow dream chimney member hatchback - now available for the first time in a physical format! larceny dub soars to new heights of aor bliss, featuring an extensive re-working of a record that was passed along to ryan by an ex-deadhead neighbor.
Universal Cave Records
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12 Inch 23.06.11
incl. the hard to find reverso 68 club mix >> heavy vinyl / shrinkwrapping
Adult Contemporary
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12 Inch 07.12.09
second 12 inch record on hands of time comes from san fransiscos beat broker who have previously released records on such acclaimed labels as flexx, disques sinthomme and ghost town as well as remix work for eskimo, internasjonal and rebirth to name a few.
we know you will enjoy this one..
support comes from joakim, greg wilson, tensnake, baby g, phoreski, ilija rudman, james murphy, steve yanko, mike burns, etc..
Hands of Time
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12 Inch 27.11.08
second beat broker release featuring the killer high energy space disco track >my way or the highway<. a big big tune in patrick cowley tradition that works its way to an exploding climax. flip for >night shift<, a beautiful melancholic emo-disco tune that has >beat broker< written all over it, pure class. featuring a dance-floor disco/house remix by john daly, the man who can do no wrong.
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12 Inch 16.07.07
a full release by san frans beat broker-known for his edits and mixes and also one half of broker/dealer who released on labels such as asphodel, spectral, traum and californias own sentrall records. >warriors (in space)< is a massive, up-tempo synth track which sounds somewhere between tantra and patrick cowley - same epic vibe, cowbell gallore, guitar licks and spaced out sytnhs. oldschool sounds with a modern arrangement, just what the discotheque needs. flip for two gliding cosmic-edged disco-house cuts. deep, warm and emotional tracks that will work both for the crowd and the listener. timeless
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12 Inch 12.01.09
the debut record of ritmolider kaleidoscope is a traditional studio work with live performance and classic analog sound. being in the era of nu disco and re edits the author has tried to find his own way of making music based on traditional methods of performance. and hes got a beautiful symbiosis of instrumental improvisations and electronic melodiousness. at the begining of the record theres a superb remix by the beat broker - deep, groovy synth disco, highly recomended for dancefloor! the second track is a journey into obscure psychedelic funk with lots of improvisations and atmospheric tunes....a pity so sweet percussions are added so late. b2 tonight at the discotheque will carry you away by the real soviet disco vibe. a beautiful arp solo softly flowing through amazing effects and acoustic drums focused on free played funky basslines. the original version of kaleidoscope is also a very interesting one. a mood of this composition is changed all the time. the first seconds of the track you hear a tender melodic solo which makes you feel calm and relaxed, then you get the groove coming from an agressive arpeggio and dinamic percussion. soon this feeling gets interrupted with a sudden slap bass impromtu playing together with a synthy accompaniment, and it turns into another feeling, and so on... this really reminds of kaleidoscope effect!
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