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12" Vinyl D 22.08.18
be chosen welcomes okain to the family! his debut ep for us is a fantastic 4 tracker which will be out end of june! righ on time for the open air - season
Be Chosen
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12" Vinyl FR 06.07.18
vinyl only. signatune is back on wax with a new vinyl only ep! starting off the a side is mr. djebali with deep and jazzy into the depth , followed by politics of dancing s house bomb lisa . the b side begin s with a more dubby delair by okain, while the collection of tracks ends smoothly with label boss reda dare s groovy tune le bien aimé . a solid ep from four great artists expected to hit
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12" Vinyl FR 28.05.18
vinyl only – after a few releases outside of his homebase okain is back on talman with a 4 tracker. from the floorshaker « eurostep » to the melancholic texture of « stay true» you ll get a direct connection to his mind flow.
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12" Vinyl UK 16.02.18
okains key ear for a groove finds a home on infuse in the form of his magic box ep. place des fetes is a keen example, subtle layered sounds sneaking in between the b-line driven ride means there s always something new to find. magic box moves into a more blissful arena with it s swelling pad perfect for those early morning sunrise sets whilst rich nxt remixes place de fetes, stripping the elements down in his own inimitable way. vinyl only!
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12" Vinyl UK 24.10.17
french producer okain has long been entrenched in the minimal house movement, from time spent on four:twenty and tsuba through to memoria, no fit state and now shoring up on dogmatik. babylon is a sharply focused workout with playful organ trills darting in and out of the mix, while radio therapy gets into a light-headed, bubbly state of mind thanks to some shimmering synth work. permeable drops a little dubby magic on the track and r4r5r6 finishes the ep off with a more muscular groover for when you need to keep the energy up on the dancefloor.
DOG 1213
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12" Vinyl FR 02.12.16
vinyl only – one year anniversary and already the fourth release for the french label talman records. once again okain is at the control, this time with three new tracks ranging from the retro futurist * invaders* to the rocking disco beats of * ballroom*
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12" Vinyl D 07.10.16
nofitstate continue with their white series, the first being alex arnout feat a remix from djebali and for the second instalment we have parisian house master okain who delivers four quality, underground cuts.. samuel s own talman label has delivered a string of successful 12-s and we are very honoured to have him on board for this release..
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12" Vinyl FR 01.06.16
talman records is back for the third release. four new tracks from the man at helm of the label, samuel thalman aka okain.
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12" Vinyl FR 29.02.16
talman records strikes back with the second phase. three new tunes from the man at the helm of the label, samuel thalmann aka okain.
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12" Vinyl UK 25.11.15
repressed 12 inch black vinyl !!
strictly vinyl only! big with: radio slave, sebo k, ralph lawson, mountain people, federico molinari, robert dietz, hector, anthony collins, clive henry, ethyl, justin drake,.. tsuba rarities is a collection of exclusive new remixes unreleased dubs and alternate versions. following her rekids debut last year nina kraviz is one of the most hyped artists of 2010 and she more than lives up to it with a truly stunning house remix of okain. clocking in at 12 -41 & complete with her own vocals and a bassline straight out of chicago, this mix has already blown the roof off panorama bar and fabric. one word - classic! for the aa side geddes & mic newman have reworked >lost souls< into >lost the love< adding a rather well known vocal on top.
Tsuba Rarities
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12" Vinyl FR 20.11.15
talman records is the new brainchild from french producer and dj samuel thalmann aka okain. the label aims to focus exclusively on the music from the label boss, digging deeper into his musical roots to create a modern sound. after spending the last eight years releasing on some of the most sought after labels like bpitch control, tsuba and truesoul to name a few, it s time for the parisian artist to setup his own imprint and to continue to showcase his personal interpretation of house music. here is the first release containing three new tracks.
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12" Vinyl D 30.06.15
welcome back, okain! after his praised collaboration with onno resulting in their conjunctional triple o ep samuel thalmann a.k.a. okain is about to unleash four brand new tunes on his forthcoming coma. with the title track coma our french friend masterly crafts an enthrallingly bouncy mother of a tune walking the fine line between house and techhouse, serving swirling hi-nrg synth modulations and super ecstatic vocal bits for those who like to get into the groove. this track is prime time heaven for all clubbers out there
Upon You
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12" Vinyl UK 29.05.15
okain is a french dj and producer who s grown up in paris. he has previously released on labels such as tsuba, bpitch control, quartz, viva and upon you which, has gained him recognition across the board. he has toured around the world at clubs such as fabric, rex club, row 14, watergate and more helping him to become one of the most charted artists on resident advisor. a new name to join the ever-expanding truesoul roster is okain . his first ep on truesoul majestically crosses the paths between house and techno. using deep underlying sub bass rhythms throughout his tracks, okain creates grooves that maintain an extremely funky feel throughout this ep.
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12" Vinyl UK 30.10.14
audiojacks gruuv label returns this october with a four-track package from french producer okain, featuring a remix from tuccillo. parisian artist samuel thalman aka okain has quite the standing in contemporary electronic music having been a prominent name as a dj and producer for the past fifteen years. playing at some of the leading nightclubs across the globe such as fabric, watergate, space ibiza, rex club and electric pickle to name but a few. thalman has also built quite the respectable back-catalogue in his time, releasing material via the likes of tsuba, bpitch, memento and cadenza, and here we see him add gruuv to his affiliations.
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12" Vinyl D 15.10.14
its all about the o. the dutch they call onno. the frenchie they call okain. the originality of their international collaboration. the rocking dancefloors and the obvious joy their tunes bring to whooping crowds. two members of the family join forces in the studio for the very first time, setting things straight for this season with a boiling hot triple treatment thats about to make people go: oooh yeah!
Upon You
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12" Vinyl, 180gr D 09.10.14
180 gramm , vinyl only - 200 copies
unclear records 10th release stands out as a landmark point for the italian label: a tribute to the underground club klang, it showcases some of the most acclaimed djs who have graced the decks there, who came up with an exclusive track each for the compilation.
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12" Vinyl D 24.06.13
memento and french producer/dj okain are by all means a perfect match: the parisian artist is well known for his refusal to conform to mainstream club trends and for his personal and eclectic take on contemporary house and techno, while the italian label run by idriss d caters to the needs of the most sophisticated and well-read electronic music fans. both stand out as true purveyors of unique styles and great taste, and this release is no exception.
Memento Records
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12" Vinyl UK 30.04.13
repress of the classic tsuba remixes from nina kraviz & steffi!
Tsuba Special
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12" Vinyl D 15.04.13
memoria has the pleasure to collaborate with one of the most established artists in europe for her 15th release. the parisian – berliner dj /producer okain, after his very successful releases on various acclaimed labels such as tsuba records, quartz rec and bpitch control, joins memoria with an ep entitled welcome to the hood.
Memoria Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 19.04.12
long time tsuba artist okain makes a welcome return to the label with the oclock ep. the original and no string dub show a deeper side to okain centering around classic house strings and bassline. tsuba has a great reputaion for truly killer remixes and gerd (clone / royal oak) lives up to that and then some! the huge bassline and hypnotic melodies show why after many years in the game. 2012 is definitely the year of gerd
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quartz rec. family is looking forward to start the summer with a bang! here we present you a new series of collaborations between the artists of the label.
paul ritch has teamed up with his good friend paco osuna to deliver a groovy monster tune while carlo lio and canadian friends the junkies show us their skills with the well titled >go ahead listen< track. last but not least okain & hermanez >buds bomber< completes this rocking ep.
Quartz Rec
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12" Vinyl UK 27.05.10
dj support from loco dice, robert dietz, matt tolfrey, dubfire, deetron, paul ritch, anja schneider, slam, steve lawler, mr g, alex niggemann, x-press 2, brothers vibe, tini, martin landsky, nick curly,.. in four short years tsuba has become one of the uks most respected underground house labels with releases from some of the worlds most desirable producers. one of the key artists in the tsuba family is samuel thalmann aka okain. okain has had an impressive few years releasing for tsuba, quartz and jetaime and whilst not in the studio has kept up an intense touring schedule taking in dates at some of the worlds leading clubs. his latest release kicks off with title track >sleepwalking<, a superb slice of bumpin groove laden house with subtle vocal hooks and a spacey hypnotic vibe. next up is >scream<, a track which once again journeys into the realms of rock solid house, featuring a rollin bassline, loose jackin percussion and refined melodic elements.
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12" Vinyl FR 07.04.10
okain is finally back on quartz after his successful >blackroot ep< that was charted & compiled by many international djs. with his new ep entitled >bring back the cows< okain is showcasing again his unique talent to bring techno & house together. the package contains 2 original tracks and in addition, we have had our argentinean friend barem from minus delivering an exciting remix. let the bells kick!
Quartz Rec
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12" Vinyl FR 28.01.10
okains dj career kicked off back in 1999, when at the tender age of 15 he began spinning regularly at parties. influenced by french legend laurent garnier, it wasnt long before he was offered his first residency. since then, he has gone on to play at the hottest of paris nightspots, including the rex club and social club. through playing at the now famous dimuschi parties he teamed up with paul ritch. after some time studying in sound engineering, the pair released their first ep under their handycraft alias on kickboxer. since the success of that >le bal masque< ep, okain has gone on to release on labels including robotronic, bpitch control, four twenty, tsuba, quartz and of course jetaime, and has been fully blooded in the art of touring. gigs have flooded in, and his travels have seen play many of europe s finest nightspots. his >blackrock< ep on quartz earlier this year found fantastic success with so many of you, and today our good friend is back, with the awesome >acrobat<.
the original sees okain take the warm, techy path. a lo-slung groove leads us into the melodic strings. matched with sharp efx, strong beats and a demonic laugh, this is a sure fire winner. first on remix duty is label head alex dee. toughening proceedings, alex creates a driving, somewhat tribal work out. relentless beats work brilliantly with the now chopped vocal, to create dramatic tension that builds to a crescendo in the break. a fantastic mix. a great package already, and one that just got even better with the edition of daniel mehlharts incredible rework. the frankfurt producer is hot property right now, and this mix showcases perfectly just why. deep, warm and moody, with huge helpings of classic detroit touches, the originals strings are accompanied by weighty synth stabs, to stunning effect. essential.
Jetaime Records
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12" Vinyl UK 15.10.09
incl lauhaus remix!! dj support from ralph lawson, guy gerber, d’julz, ekkohaus, 2000 and one, matt tolfrey, tedd patterson, martin landsky, markus fix, kreon, kabale und liebe, luke solomon, varoslav, clive henry, coyu, chris latner,.
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12" Vinyl D 27.05.09
introducing gomma dance tracks - the new sub-label by munich-based gomma records for their output of club-focused 12s. second record by diskokaine aka marflow aka wolfram from vienna (who discovered and produced sally shapiro on his own label) including remixes by dj funk, telonius and christopher just! be ready for diskokaines debut album on gomma coming up this autumn (including cooperation with holy ghost (dfa) and many others)!
Gomma Dance Tracks
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12" Vinyl FR 14.05.09
stepping up to quartz rec this time is exciting french talent okain.he delivers a mighty ep, with three kick ass techno cuts for your pleasure! title track blackrock marches straight from the off, with snares and hand claps combining to great effect. okains talent for droppingpercussive efx and sounds in his tracks is once again apparent. creating and expanding an atmosphere throughout with his swirling efx, tom toms and flute... he actually takes you in to the rain forest... to the blackrock!ghost city the name fits the track to perfection. the opening drums evoking pictures of a deserted town. those haunting synth stabs, andatmospherics swirling around you. then the vocals appear out of the darkness, with the spooky, trippy synth. nocturnal, driving music....where is monday takes us on a tough, housier journey. delicate toms open the show, and the pace increases as the robust, funk filled bass linedrops in. layer upon layer is woven by okain. brilliant, and cheeky vocal drops, and efx come at us throughout the track, as it keeps up itsintense pace and groove. awesome stuff.this is heavy. handle with care!!
Quartz Rec
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717 EP
12" Vinyl UK 14.01.09
big support from: gregor tresher, loco dice, sebo k, nick curly, 2000andone, mirko loco and agnes.... tsuba starts 2009 with a bang with the first 12inch release on the label from rising star okain. having debuted on tsuba in july 2008 on the digital only >tsuba samurai ep<, sam okain steps up with his first full release for the label and its a big one. the original of >717< is deep tech house with a killer groove and a warm tripped out riff - a great combination of light and dark touches which results in an edgy but very accessible track. for the remix djulz ups the tempo and adds a splash of techno, spine tingling keys and jacking bassline. loco dice featured the mix on his recent radio 1 essential mix. the deep house of >slow ride< completes an ep of the highest quality. + huge djulz remix.
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12" Vinyl D 20.01.09
die rollende bassline groovt bis über beide ohren und zeigt, dass thomas muller und okain (handycraft) trotz ihres jugendlichen alters wissen wo jack das wasser holt. die kooperation der beiden franzosen schreit geradezu nach einer fortsetzung. be prepared
Bpitch Control
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12" Vinyl FR 23.06.08
third release for the french label jetaime records, which today presenting an exclusive collaboration between varoslav & okain. okain who released his last ep on jetaime has upcoming releases on labels such as tsuba. he is also the half part of handycraft with paul ritch.varoslav has just been named the new ar of supplement facts, guy gerber s label. he collaborates with david k on various projects and recently release a ep on tishomingo. with okain s loves of groovy beats and varoslav s hypnotic synths and crazy drum loops, the two buddies are dropping here a sexy ep with 3 killer tracks.
Jetaime Records
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12" Vinyl FR 07.12.07
okain, 23 years old dj from paris has released his first digital record as a solo artist on robotronic records last september which got support by artist such as chloé, locodice, djulz, francesco farfa… a bunch of secrets ep include 3 tracks with okains contemporary vision of the oldschool house music. using deep house synth and hip house vocal gimmicks okain creates his unique style. all tracks are suited for the dancefloors and will bring a fresh vibe to your house, techno or minimal sets!
Jetaime Records
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12" Vinyl D 30.01.07
soething between disco and jacks house a side is a jacking piece of music with a cool 303 line flip over for remixes by patrick pulsinger and alexander robotnik
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12" Vinyl NL 22.08.05
phat italo electro disco at its best coming in 4 mixes for the lovers
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12" Vinyl ( / ) D 03.04.18
>this life< has been a title paolo rocco has been saving for the right moment. as his first ep on his own label, this record brings us back to the early morning after hour 90s rave days. inspired by 909 drum grooves, deep warm pads, and melancholic vox chops, this is paolos definition of house music. with his a2 >doors open< being a perfect opening track, jack wickham and okain remixes complimenting his originals, this record is already going down as timeless.
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12" Vinyl FR 20.09.17
vinyl only – after four first releases by myself, i invited three of my favorite producers and friends to take part in the first various artist ep of the label called retro future. a1 is provided by stevn.aint.leavn from the beste modus and certain circles camps. i ve been following stefan closely since the release of his big track -precious- and he is now making waves everywhere. for this record he provides -motion- a smashing house track that enlightened every dance floor i dropped it on. then comes alix alvarez, a real underground hero of the new york scene. he s been releasing tunes since more than 15 years, collaborating with mr v and franck roger. alix delivers the tune -no chaser-, a stripped back, deep and driving number that he is known for. the kind of track that made his reputation. on the other side of the record you ll find paolo rocco. he is the man of the moment, fresh from great releases on taverna tracks, rutilance or courtesy of balance to name a few. here we have -7284-, it has been a true favorite of mine over the last months. finally i round up the ep with -belle maison- a new jam i recorded a few months ago featuring an engaging french speech, mpc beats and fb-01 synths. welcome to retro future chapter one.
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12" Vinyl FR 20.03.17
vinyl only. handstamped limited copies. for this edition, reda dare invite their friends and talented producers okain, ortella, john jastszebski and dj steaw. 4-track ep made of subtle, eclectic and smooth sounds. kicking off, the first tune by okain is a perfect crowd warmer, with a proper deep and harmonious vibe, followed by a more upbeat and pumping one by mad in lyon s ortella. the b-side begins with none other than john jastszebski s unmatchable blend of drum patterns and melodious synths. finally, rutilance s dj steaw closes the ep with a musical gem playable in any circumstance. this limited press record is a one of a kind mixture of groovy, bouncy and chilled beats and is definitely to look out for!
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12" Vinyl D 21.10.16
remembering the old days is not always the wrong choice. david jach focused on his roots and with back to house and he reflects where his own sound is coming from. oldschool vibes meet a new way of club aesthetics. a homage to friends of classic but modern house productions with punch. his friends okain and agent are with him on his journey and provide their interpretation of oldschool house music. both give the original an individual twist and the three productions together build a harmonic picture back to house .
WIth Compliment Records
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12" Vinyl D 26.02.16
rising manchester born producers mason collective and teefunk deliver the third release on the mekanism s vinyl only imprint worx.
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12" Vinyl D 21.01.15
new ama recordings from onno, including remixes by okain and ray okpara.
Ama Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 12.12.13
pumpin techno track from rising dutch talent onno, comes with hot remixes from andre kronert, okain & alljacks
Quartz Rec
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12" Vinyl D 27.05.10
played by marco carola, ewan pearson, anja schneider, barem, sis, chloÚ, federico molinari, mendo, matt tolfrey, tim green, milton jackson, madskillz, carlo lio, coyu, mihai popoviciu, boris horel, yakine, varoslav... after the huge success of the >chicago story ep< composed with his partner in crime acumen, timid boy is back again on time has changed (the label he runs with acumen) with >on a cloud with richard ep<. timid boy aka damien almira knows the dancefloor well. he has studied this subject with a meticulous care for almost 10 years. as a dj, he quickly established himself as a great value of the parisian scene starting in 2003 a dj residency at the rex club for the bpitch control parties. as a journalist, he worked for famous magazines such as rock&folk, technikart or trax during several years. and as a dancer: if you just see him moving his body like a freaky chicken on the dancefloor, you will understand
Time Has Changed
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