Releases from artist / Veröffentlichungen von : Matt K & Boytoy

12" Vinyl D 10.04.08
matt k from wiesbaden germany and boytoy from paris france found the way into the studio to bring boytoys voice and ambient influences together with matt ks brilliant minimal producing skills. this crossover is an amazing mix aof both worlds. track 1 on the side a >kultur< is a typical matt k production nice effects and bongos. the 2nd track on side a is the >kultur< boytoy remix french experimental. the side b comes with an unforgetable tune by the nameof >froisse< matt k remix. the voice of boytoy and matt ks handwriting is a perfect match. the 2nd track on the side b is boytoys version of >froisse< and calms you down after a long party night!
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