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12" Vinyl UK 18.01.19
french producer maelstrom lands on private persons to christen their tenth release with some hard-hitting, gnarly electro workouts.
Private Persons
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12" Vinyl UK 02.11.18
hot on the heels of his eczo e.p. on like minded cultivated electronics, maelstrom returns to cpu with another essential electro cut. acid fans be sure to check out ussidd for some raw bass line action.
Central Processing Unit
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12" Vinyl NL 11.07.18
veteran french producer maelstrom joins the ce crew with 3 tracks of high quality dance floor electro including a remix from ce head sync 24.
Cultivated Electronics
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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
with releases on bnr trax, minimal wave s cititrax and a regular on zone records, french producer and raar co-founder maelstrom makes his debut on cpu with alph4 , a seven track electro-leaning mini lp of one-take recordings. maelstrom s sound on alph4 is comparable to aphex twin s more restrained analord output. focussed, highly detailed production alongside an abundance of evocative synth melodies will ensure these tracks become firm favourites with forward thinking djs and electronic music fans.
Central Processing Unit
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12" Vinyl FR 09.02.18
on this new split ep, we welcome two knights of the european electro scene. on the a side, the irish man defekt, who already released several bombs on earwiggle, solar one music or newflesh. on the b side, the french killer maelstrom, who shows us his darkest face here, after some strong releases on raar, zone or cititrax. one ep, two buddies, four heavy tracks for the bangers.
Acid Avengers
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2x12" Vinyl D 19.05.17
raar is deeply proud to present the first full length album from label co- founder maelstrom, entitled -her empty eyes-. both an evolution of the producer s rich history and an intellectual departure from everything that has preceded it, -her empty eyes- is a work that is uncanny, challenging and meditative.
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl D 17.10.16
growing more deeply into raars punk ethos, maelstrom and louisahhh s tracks on the labels fourth release are as much about process as end product. several days of one-room, one-take live sessions involving guitar feedback, machine cacophony and endless growling and shouting resulted in hurry and listen. these song were molded into work that is at once unconventional and club-ready with much effort in preserving the feral qualities of the original material.
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12" Vinyl UK 28.07.16
nice price deal !!! hot on the heels of edits ep#1 and with his mindless boogie release currently doing the rounds, maelstrom drops his debut original production (well, sort of). fast becoming one to watch, these remixes look to cement the arrival of solardisco and, indeed, maelstrom whose fanbase is growing by the minute. pete herbert really needs no introduction. as l.s.b he gave us the infectious >f.o.g.< and >original highway delight<, as reverso 68, >tokyo disco< and >piece together<, while, more recently, his disco deviance release has been carving up dancefloors worldwide. on the flip and already aired on tim sweeneys beats in space show with support from the usual suspects on the nu-disco scene, the sankt gøran & erik sidung mix has the potential to be this years big crossover smash. fusing said disco sound with some great italo piano hooks, this will be soundtracking the summer for many a dj
Solar Disco
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RAAR 002
12" Vinyl UK 07.04.16
on its sophomore release, raar s bold mission of unbridled techno with a punk-rock ethos is continued in tracks from label co-founder maelstrom and newest family member, specialivery. opium wars sets a seething tone, deftly holding a line of tension as machines moan and shriek. focused yet dissonant, the discomfort continues to build without resolution, playing the edge but never grasping hold . diameter of recess starts under the skin in maelstrom s typified controlled chaos. as it grows, the track becomes both an aching roar and a needle-sharp, frenzied insistence, a feral yearning and a frustrated surrender. swiss italian carlo bernasconi is a man of many aliases, the most ferocious of which is specialivery. having eagerly taken up the challenge to push further than the original demos sent, dust detector subsystem is a demonstration of this, cumulating in -an extremely rare, compulsive mental movement- presented in both teeth-bared, club-optimized and more pensive beatless versions. it is with great pride and pleasure that we present the evolution of raar. it is our greatest hope that this work inspires and liberates its listeners. released on 12inch via the vinyl factory
The Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 09.12.15
the vinyl factory has teamed up with french label zone for another rugged techno four tracker, this time from close associate and well established production talent maelstrom. though his name suggests total chaos, maelstroms music belies intention, focus and precision. often marked as exciting newcomer to french techno, maelstrom has actually been making music for over fifteen years. with a cryptic history of aliases and side projects, illegal raves thrown in warehouses and fields and basements, the artist has really come into his own under this moniker. the optics ep showcases metallic techno, acid house, industrial noise and stark ambient sounds, forging smokey machine music for those with a penchant for post punk and a soft spot for the spikier end of the techno spectrum.
The Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 09.12.15
a techno label for punk rockers, a punk rock label for techno-heads, maelstrom and louisahhh!!!s raar imprint aims to release truly innovative music from and for brave sonic explorers. unsatisfied with digital-only distribution, raar plans to press every release to vinyl, in collaboration with the vinyl factory, curating a library of tangible sound objects as the labels legacy. additionally, the digital releases will be pay as you want, and feature special open-source material (beat-a-pellas, acapellas, instrumentals, sound banks). the label encourages its audience to invest in and make use of what tools are laid out for the taking
The Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 01.04.15
as an la native based in paris, louisahhh!!! has a music style tha’s core is fuelled by hard and deep production paired alongside a tough and tender touch. lousiahhh!!!s distinctive sound has been perfected over the years establishing herself as a unique artist, renowned for her juxtaposition of darkness against light. the new friction collaboration features dark and sensual productions overlaid with louisahhh!!!s smoky and enigmatic voice resulting in a selection of tracks which together are made to both enchant and transport you into louisahhh!!! and maelstroms twisted world. louisahhh! collaborated with banks by performing support slot shows across her headline tour dates throughout france late last year
The Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 27.04.12
maelstrom could be mistaken for the newest kid on the scene, coming out of nowhere and dropping releases on prestigious labels like dirtybird and bnr trax in less than one year, but in reality he is far from being a kid, as a matter of fact he is more of a daddy. and i mean this more in a having a child way than in a >i m house musics daddy and i m gonna make her my bitch< way, except the latter is exactly what he is about to do with his new ussr ep on sound pellegrino.
Sound Pellegrino
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12" Vinyl D 19.04.11
the three tracks for this release go through a wide range of our sound. >cyclone< by samuel dan and feygin is a throwback to the way dirtybird records sounded back in 2006, raw and fun with big drums. but >cyclone< sounds amazing compared to the sound quality of some of those old records we all love, a definite update to the old db vibe. b-jus >babbel net< is his follow-up appearance to last years bomb track >my sneakers< that all of us played 1000 times. this is more in the smooth 808 style of dirtybird while still giving you some punch and melody. this record works really well for me and this groove crossover into a house set no problem. last but not least is maelstroms >you play<. this is a real monster, not so much for the house heads but instead for those of you who like to cross genres and explore the bass regions during your sets. definitely not your friendly deep house record this one is a real db banger in the tradition of big dirty bass we love here in san francisco.
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12" Vinyl FR 06.04.09
freaky electro & acid influenced french techno !!
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12" Vinyl BE 12.11.08
counting names such as todd terje and lcd soundsystem s james murphy as fans, he has recently stepped up a gear with his own original productions for solardisco & prins thomas, this is his first eskimo release!!get blown off your socks!
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2x12" Vinyl NL 22.11.18
this is part 2 of >from the dark< series ... electro in full range
Cultivated Electronics
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12" Vinyl BE 11.05.16
cora novoa unveils her darkest side with this new ep released under her very own sktv label, an ambitious multidisciplinary project based in barcelona. includes remixes from dreems, and maelstrom.
Seeking The Velvet
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp BE 27.04.16
limited rsd release on translucent, red coloured 180 gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve. includes comprehensive sleeve notes explaining back stories to each track, as well as a special two verse poem penned by clarke himself.
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12" Vinyl US 12.03.09
their first two releases sold out instantly and are already super sought after 12inches in what has become something of a crowded market for re edits and amends. after hearing the labels next two releases we jumped on the chance to share them with you! four killer and far less obvious tracks from various scissor wielding producers, head and shoulders (ahem !) above the competition. limited quantities as always folks get your beard on...
Beard Science
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12" Vinyl UK 18.09.08
slamming new school breaks action!! includes maelstrom remix
Streetwise Music
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cd UK 27.04.16
dave clarke, britisches techno-urgestein der ersten stunde, trägt seine spannendsten remixes seiner jüngsten, amsterdamer schaffensphase auf einem album zusammen. wie üblich ist die vielfalt der original interpeten bemerkenswert und reicht von punk bis new beat und von aktuellen hip artists bis leider längst aufgelösten bands. dave clarke ist bekannt dafür, die original-intention der künstler stets beizubehalten, obwohl er den tracks neue gewänder von techno bis electro, von aalglatt bis futuristisch und von dark bis heavy verpasst, was seine remixes für fischerspooner oder depeche mode zu zeitlosen kult klassikern werden ließ. die soundpalette der kollektion charcoal eyes: a selection of remixes from amsterdam deckt diese gesamte stilistische bandbreite hervorragend ab.
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