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12" Vinyl UK 09.09.19
lee curtiss and steingolds dream adjacent-ep
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12" Vinyl UK 04.06.14
back from a brief hiatus from solo output, lee curtiss follows up the masterfully naughty lunatic fringe ep with another heavy dose of dancefloor debauchery for own imprint visionquest. showcasing his undeniable flair for libidinous club music with a hint of the unusual, lee takes time out from producing his upcoming album to deliver two killer originals for the ride ep. a­-side > drink tickets< is a suitably dusky and contorted trip with a growling modulated bassline, pseudo-sinister vocal and kinetic groove while b­-side > dancing girls< , a collaboration with his chicago partner in crime, nick bassett­ is a simmering hypnotic summertime affair with a filtered 90s feel and dirty funk bassline combined with sonically sophisticated detail
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the formidable team of visionquest related artists lee curtiss, ryan crosson and cesar merveille debut their new sweatshop boys project for matt tolfreys leftroom imprint this june with wide world feat jem cooke, backed with remixes from mosca and tolfrey himself.
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12" Vinyl UK 19.04.11
thirteen might be an unlucky number for some but for culprit it is quite the opposite. the labels thirteenth release >candy< from lee curtiss, is its biggest and most unashamedly dance floor oriented release to date. a watershed record for the young label, >candy< is the special type of track that reaches out and grabs you immediately upon hearing it. so it proved for culprit founder andrei osyka of droog, who, upon hearing matt tolfrey play it at visionquests famed old miami party at demf, knew it must be a culprit release, and promptly went out and signed it
Culprit Records
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12" Vinyl D 13.09.10
supplement facts records continue their rich run of form by handing a label debut to detroit-native lee curtiss. the >and we all fall down< ep has been one of the most hotly anticipated from the israeli label and is set to become the soundtrack to the last echoes of summer. we continue to dance, as the days grow short our nights become longer and lees ep is the perfect accompaniment….>i can hear you arthur<, a tribute to one of lees long-time music heroes, arthur russell, is an emotional escape. with russell being a direct sound-inspiration for the release, we are treated to a longing for a far away love. with waves of sound that build and cascade, accompanied by pillow-talk whisperings, all creating eight minutes of rhythmic, warm grooves. arthur never sounded better. after the body-swaying vibes of the a, side b brings the perspirec-electronic throb and hip-grinding action of labor of love. after yearning for arthur, we are more than appeased with the beautifully sultry and ever so intimate vocals of stephanie selvaggio. with its rhythmic guitar opening belying its true intention, labor of love develops into a sensual dancefloor cut with stephanies vocals floating effortlessly with the acidic beats as she drives us ‚crazy, and we all fall down is a perfect example of an artist at his most vunerable. its brutally honest sound invites the listener in with open arms and wraps itself around them like a warm cashmere blanket. as the brutal realisation that summer is almost over starts to sink in…its worth taking comfort in records like this, that make the transition that much easier.
Supplement Facts
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12" Vinyl D 04.03.10
michigan resident and currently one of americas (who actually live there) most promising producers steps up to the gpm plate. a regular of acclaimed stateside labels such as spectral, wolf + lamb as well as european outfits dumb-unit and cityfox. lee curtiss is known for a sound, which fuses disco, house and sex. love in the key of freak is no exception, in fact the perfect mixture to cure any saturday night fever. before house made people jack, disco was making them freak.
Get Physical Music
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12" Vinyl CA 19.10.09
lee curtiss and spectral sound have been running in the same pack for years-&#64257,,nally, after suf&#64257,,ciently circling each other and snif&#64257,,ng each others business, spectral and lee have joined forces to release the detroit producers the black door ep, and it s a doozy. lee curtiss traf&#64257,,cs in airtight, undeniable dance tracks with a tricksters sense of experimentation-the black door ep is all that and more, a beguiling 12 inch whose charms multiply with each listen. >black door beauty< opens side a with a touch of chicago futurism, spinning congas, staccato vocal samples, and a swift dusting of hi-hats into a house anthem with psychedelic undertones. berlin producer dyed soundoroms remix minimizes the sub-bass thump and plays up the tracks oddball trappings, tricking out >black door beauty< with the sounds of creaking hinges, neurotic synthesizers, and a particularly creepy chorus of hysterical tittering. b-side >smoking mirrors< guides the listener through clouds of melting organ tones and busy, polyrhythmic click-clack as a sturdy bassline (with a funky, french-house beat skip) cuts through the haze. curtiss lets the rhythm do the work, building to multiple climaxes in the span of seven minutes. at the end of each anxious buildup, there s a womans breathless moan, a let-the-air-out-of-the-tires hiss, and it s time to do it all over again.
Spectral 079
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12" Vinyl D 19.05.09
great new label from zürichs well known techno club!
played by: anthony collins, butane, lee van dowski, insideout, jeff samuel, jorge savoretti, lauhaus, mark henning, martinez, matt star, pan-pot, raresh, ryan crosson, seuil ...
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12" Vinyl D 07.07.08
>smut< ist eine mit hooklines gespickte hymne an die heissen detroiter sommernächte und sorgt für ein frisches lüftchen in den stickigen clubs. mit dicken support von shinedoe, tim paris, 3 channels, butane, luca bacchetti und anderen...!
Dumb Unit 43
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12" Vinyl D 25.06.07
um es mit lees eigenen worten zu sagen: >fuck trends, fuck dance music, and fuck me<. wir erstarren in erfurcht ob solcher wortgewalt und klatschen dann hoffentlich morgen wieder frenetisch applaus. tight, deep, dark und sexy. ein vielversprechendes debut auf dumb unit !!
Dumb Unit 38
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12" Vinyl FR 10.04.06
pheek s neues label mit dem ersten release. bekannt von der matthew dear mix cd auf fabric
Kalimari 01
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cd D 30.10.12
only 9 years after its official opening, watergate has become one of the worlds most prominent underground electronic music institutions. in no small part due to its picturesque location running directly alongside the river spree, its wall to wall led dance floor installation and most of all, its consistent flow of first-rate international talent performing every week. watergates presence and influence has spawned many side projects including a boutique-style mix cd series now in its 8th volume. a who’s who of the clubs regular talent and resident artists such as sascha funke, sebo k, dop, ellen allien and others have all contributed to the aesthetically pleasing series, now regarded as collectors items. for the eight installment in our mix series, we bridge the gap between two global capitals of techno: berlin, and detroit, home of lee curtiss who delivers a forward-thinking mix, inspired by time spent living in both cities. lee is one of a new generation of techno visionaries from the motor city, that includes his visionquest collaborators ryan crosson, shaun reeves and seth troxler, who are putting their own unique spin on their citys most famous underground musical export. based between detroit and berlin for the last four years, lee has a fundamental grasp of what makes both dancefloors at watergate tick, and this enduring love and understanding of the space clearly shines through in his mix. building on the raw soul and funk of those who have blazed a trail before him, on both sides of the atlantic, lee brings his own subtle melodies and keen sense of dramatic tension to the fore in a mix that encompasses all that is vibrant and exciting about underground techno in 2011
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 06.06.19
incl. remix by javontte
House Of EFunk Records
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12" Vinyl UK 06.10.16
this september will see visionquest release selector from luke hess, coming accompanied with remixes from delsin artist d5, label co-founder lee curtiss and maher daniel. detroit artist luke hess has been one of the most celebrated acts coming out of the motor city over the past decade with an impressive back catalogue boasting material on omar s fxhe, carl craigs planet e, echochord and kontra-musik to name but a few. here though we see hess join the roster of visionquest following recent output from wareika, vlad caia, tuccillo and mirko loko.
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12" Vinyl UK 25.03.15
the globally trendsetting house and techno family that is visionquest now turns to a new pairing of sonny fodera & gene farris for their debut ep on the label. entitled ‘we work it’, the two-track affair comes with a remix by visionquest man lee curtiss. australian sonny fodera has been at the sharp end of the dance music scene for years now, clocking up huge hits both solo and with green velvet aka cajmere, releasing albums such as afterparties & aeroplanes and appearing on cajual, defected, suara and many more top labels. gene farris, of course, is a chicago house legend who has been active since the nineties, runs his own farris wheel label and has released close to one hundred definitive eps on relief, soma and many others. up first, ‘we work it’ is a lithe ritual of house funk with bent synths and slick mid tempo drums. a spoken word vocal snippet muses on the intake of various substances and the drums roll on infectiously below. it’s sure to be a standout anthem in the months to come given that vocal line and the spiritualness of the keys all around only adds to the effect. the first remix comes from lee curtiss. this one is a much quicker and more peak time bit of tech house with textured, dynamic bass and plenty of drum fills. it’s an involved, more cosmic and tense take on the original, that will build great pressure on the dance floor. all in all this is another on point package from visionquest that will get played far and wide
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12" Vinyl UK 24.02.09
aka jamie jones - incl lee curtis remix - played by dubfire/paco osuna/anja schneider...
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2x cd UK 14.10.14
36 tracks mixed by danny tenaglia
Balance Music
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