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12" Vinyl vinyl D 06.02.15
what happens when two legends lock themselves in the trope studio for two days and have fun you hold the result in your hands or have it on your speakers right now. we think we don t have to introduce the label boss thomas p. heckmann and his mate ramon zenker (hardfloor and countless more) to you obviously, so we let the music speak for itself this time ! and afu limited just has it s 50. release and 10 years since the launch as afu limited !!!
AFU Limited
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12" Vinyl D 07.11.06
in the case of ricardo villalobos / karotte / andre galluzzi / sven väth (track a2).. after the big sucess to the afu-ltd05 comes here the next big bomb !! the two techno-acid-electronicmusic godfathers thomas p. heckmann and ramon zenker (hardfloor, zen-kei) have teamed up and recorded four fabulous tracks together
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