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12" Vinyl D 22.09.08
the man behind some infamously amazing and joyful live sets, a successful first album for musique risqué, a great ep for oslo, and a brilliant debut on circus company with petit djinns-including the underground hit >sous l arbre<, guillaume & the coutu dumonts is now back on cc with >i was on my way to hell<. a delicious two-tracker for different moments, covering two distinct vibes perfectly. on the a side >i was on my way to hell< is a jam that bubbles over like a volcano with a marvelous synth pad melody building along with a gospel preacher sample. all the while a heavy groove powers away underneath- heís got the secret! on the b side, we are taken to a more quiet but still melodic environment. >canít argue with silence< opens up with a rolling bass line, a simple refined groove, and then gradually sprinkles tasteful acoustic hits and ethno-styled synth stabs on top. close your eyes and feel the heat of an >arabian night< inna guillaume & the coutu dumonts house sylee!
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 05.06.07
montréals guillaume coutu dumont doesnt lack for collaborations. he works alongside julien roy as egg (karat. m_utek), with david fafard under the luci (morris audio, titbit) moniker, and collaborates with argentinas ernesto ferreyra in chic miniature (raum musik, musique risque). but now its time for guillaume to continue his quest for the ultimate ham bone funk recipe with his solo project: guillaume & the coutu dumonts! a special blend of funk, house, techno, gospel, swing, barbershop quartet and afro-beat! >boogie woogui<, his second solo output after his hartchef debut, presents two special tracks of sweet and hypnotic grooves that will make any dancefloor climb a few steps towards a better place. the funky basslines wrapped in warm and soulfull blanket of old bluesy samples will seduce even the grumpiest. this 12inch is completed by a matt john (perlon) remix which keeps the groove steady and focused on one goal: make you all dance, smile and wiggle! jump on our soul train and shake your ass... shake your ass!
Floppy Funk
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