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12" Vinyl D 24.06.15
10th minimood with more hypnotic groovin minimal stuff
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12" Vinyl D 07.07.11
supported and played by: seth troxler, anja schneider, adultnapper, anthony collins, audiofly, daria, deetron, franck roger, julien chaptal, kabale & liebe, lee jones, marco resmann, matt star, silicone soul, stacey pullen, .... the yangango ep shows you two faces. on the a side with the deeper cut >too big to fail< and on the b side through the bassline driven and euphoric title track >yangango<. both tunes are quite complex and geniusly arranged and at one point you can fly away on their crazy dynamic. the digitaline edit of >too big to fail< puts a new groove in front, takes it a bit more on the tooly side and highlights the fantastic synth work of the original mix.
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12" Vinyl D 05.05.11
big with: koze, adam port, alejandro mosso, mandy, anthony collins, sebo k, troy pierce, arnaud le texier, rozzo, axel bartsch, benno blohme, cesare vs disorder, dubfire, gel abril, james teej, jimpster, julietta, kabale & liebe, mark henning, meat, .. for this 3rd release, raoul records brings us some very personal stuff from no other than the label s founder himself: gregorythme. two long tunes in which he shows us that there are no limits as to how far he can go with hypnotic synthesizers and reduced rhythms. the a-side brainstorming features very rich house tunes with a mental twist. it s a track with a big, edgy potential on the dance floor. one part old school, one part avant-garde - this recipe is sure to create confusion on the dance floor and make a little storm in house music lovers brains. the b-side is almost a love song! a hypnotic and melodic tune. gregorythmes juno does its best to give you the shivers. the track is called some more and that is precisely what you will be asking for after you have heard the song... who said 10 minutes were long enough?
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12" Vinyl D 26.04.11
after the brilliant work with tigerlily on the digitaline track >say so<, gregorythme teamed up again with the lovely singer and created another epic masterpiece. >no time no space< has the potencial to become one of this years big anthems, with tigerlilys great voice, the catchy melody and the unbelievable synthline staying in your head for a long time! kalabrese and lee jones both kept the epic feeling of the original. kalabrese added his unique funk and kind of a caribic touch to it. imagine a lonely beach with nothing else to do as watching the stars out there. lee reworked tigerlilys voice, combined it with a massive bass and takes it a step darker into the night, made for dancefloors and big soundsystems!
Cityfox Ltd
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.10
supported by marco resmann, damian lazarus, dyed soundorom, mark henning, mr. statik, pherox, silicone soul, someone else, varoslav, vincent lemieux, butane, insideout, anthony collins, axel bartsch, cesare vs disorder, eric johnston,..... a man once asked a lion,>what do you dream about when you sleep in the field?< to which the lion replied,>when lions dream they visit another world. hearing this, the man said, >that sounds wonderful. can i go there?< the lion grinned and answered,< no, you can not, because youre already there
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12" Vinyl D 14.10.10
supported and played by: matt tolfrey, dyed soundorom, lee curtiss, mark henning,... when the revolution comeswhen the revolution comes the cost of revolution is 360 degrees understand the cycle that never ends
Cityfox Ltd
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12" Vinyl D 26.10.09
support from artists like: mathias kaden, nick curly, marc antona, quenum, adam marshall, ripperton, lauhaus, margaret dygas, tini, andrew grant, marco resmannion ludwig, till von sein, brothers vibe, chaton, dyed soundorom.
Grubenstrasse Zurich
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12" Vinyl D 01.10.09
incl. rmx by kabale & liebe and julien chaptal big with: mike shannon, luciano, loco dice, laurent garnier, matt star, butane, seuil, seth troxler, brett johnson, someone else, brothers vibe, daniel dreier, jermemy p. caulfield, mark henning, dario zenker, lee jones, luciano, lee van dowski, kabale & liebe, ryan crosson, anthony collins, lee curtiss,... after a short summer break cityfox is back with its 3rd release. gregorythme, who already released the last record as one part of digitaline, shows us again his masterskillz on the synthesizer. the result of the close relationship to his hardware is the futurama ep. the title track indeed sounds very futuristic, maybe retro-futuristic to quote lee jones: >it sounds like a 1970s idea of the soundtrack to the future. this would be the easy listening music piped into every monorail in the future cities.<
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12" Vinyl D 11.05.09
switzerland finest producers crowdpleaser & gregorythme (1 half of digitaline) team up for a bunch of raw & dirty tech house tracks. >gygamore< opens on a dry funky beat and goes totally mad with processed ethno voices & space out pads. a sure player for the late hours ! bobbie dallas remix will satisfy house lovers: warm keys, sweet vocals & deep laidback groove. on the flip side >le ble du pays< is serious big room weapon full of percussions & a groundbreaking synth. lets go the windy city with >4 hands<, an insane tribute to the early chicago years. sonic bleeps, outstanding detuned toms & a jackin groove ...., special rerelease
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12" Vinyl D 18.12.08
on Áir with barem, ryan crosson, margaret dygas, karotte, anthony collins, hugo and many more!!! the berlin / lausanne based avant-garde label minimood moves straight forward, presenting swiss artist gregorythme from the legendary cadenza duo digitaline, who irresistibly demonstrates how groovy calculating square roots can be!! together with minimoods permanent tokyo-based artist so inagawa, yet another scene bending offer from this evolving labels stable is brought directly to your lovely turntables: the square roots ep
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12" Vinyl D 05.07.06
nice minimal klickin microtrxx
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12" Vinyl D 10.12.15
only 100 copies - no repress!
Trick Track Records
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