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12" Vinyl FR 17.01.18
played by ricardo villalobos - its time for the next release on long-running paris label bass culture and owner d julz has invited a crack team of talented individuals to deliver the magic to this latest instalment in the label s release schedule. this extra special remix package features contributions from the legendary dj skull, along with sebo k, henrik bergqvist and romanian mp. the bossman s own 2015 ep houdini is the subject of this exquisite bunch of reworks, giving the whole release a fresh lick of paint from a group of artists handpicked by d julz to get to work on his productions. the title track houdini is first in line, with the mighty dj skull on remix duty. the chi-town legend has been a favourite of d julz since the early nineties when he was releasing on labels such as djax-up-beats. the funk-imbued workout he creates from the original production is superb and a testament to someone who has been involved in music for three decades and still going strong. keeping dj skulls remix company on the a-side is sebo k with his take on serendipity. following on from his outstanding ep brock wild, sebo returns to bass culture with another taught dance floor cut, full of swing and groove, pushed along with a strong, insistent energy. on the flipside the deep sultry flavours continue to bubble up. two more dynamic artists bring their unique touch to bass culture and the first is the romanian wonderkid mp (mihai popescu), who has previously released on the sub-label bass culture limited. his reinterpretation of serendipity is deep, nuanced and quirky with a simmering atmosphere throughout.last but certainly not least is the swedish maestro henrik bergqvist. waiting 4 visa gets a kick in its step, with mysterious cosmic fx layered over a mesmerising bassline and a collection of bleeps and chirps that really bring the remix to life. and there it is, four superb new mixes of three great tracks... enjoy!
Bass Culture
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12" Vinyl, 140 g UK 13.03.17
politics of dancing records celebrate their 3rd anniversary with two vinyl only releases and a digital compilation of unreleased tracks from a pretty impressive line up of confirmed and up and coming producers. the first part to be released sets the pace with four deep house cuts from janeret, d julz, djebali and politics of dancing. janeret s first light is a deep, bass heavy number, with spacy stabs, cut for serious peak time action. d julz offers us a deep tech house killer with sharp stabs and a dubby bass, a timeless one for dancefloors. djebali delivers a fat bumpy deep house tune with his very distinctive stylish and groovy touch, and label bosses politics of dancing drops a deep tracky house piece, with swinging dirty underground vocals and a heavy rolling bassline. this is paris house music firing!
Politics Of Dancing
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 22.05.15
26 years of gestation, a slow but precise maturation, lead us to the urge, almost the necessity of doing a label, one that will bring further the music and the culture rex club always fought for. and here we go ! after 26 years of existence, of countless beautiful nights given to generations of clubbers, its with the same high standards rex club is now starting a new adventure : rex club music. a new entity is born, a label that reflects the club : eclectic and on the edge, where residents, newcomers and internationally acclaimed artists take turns. an effervescence, just like the club and its bookings, open but also faithful. original tracks, eps, remixes, the platform is open, only one rule : quality and the same intransigence that made rex club what it it is today : a temple for electronic music. we couldnt expect less : * second hand smoke* hits hard and raises the bar high. somewhere between the worlds of bassculture and robsouls, d julz and phil weeks respective labels. they confront their visions and join their talents on this ep thats just like them : energetic, groovy and sexy. fresh and vitamin filled, with its catchy and steady kick...
Rex Club Music
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12" Vinyl D 03.12.13
djulz returns to ovum with the dive ep a longtime staple of the ovum roster, djulz returns with his fifth release on the label the dive ep.
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12" Vinyl D 12.02.13
for the first circus company record of 2013, our dear old friend julien veniel returns once more to the fold to deliver an ep polished with a cosmic allure that continues our trajectory into the outer realms of house and techno possibilities.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 22.05.07
since 2000, d julz produced and released his tracks on labels such as dessous, ovum, brique rouge, se rial, 20/20 vision, paper, music for freaks and end recordings, and we are happy to present his latest tracks on poker flat. >runny< is a great euphonious, techy and percussive track around an alienated violin sound. the remix has been contributed by dan berkson and james what, who released already their >cantina< ep (pfr77) on poker flat. their mix comes in the typical berkson and what sound with warmer keyboard sounds and a groovy bassline. >sign< on b2 is a deep, but pushing tech-house tune with a great build-up. super-cool ep!
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12" Vinyl UK 29.03.17
iuly.b returns to visionquest this march with the surreal experience ep accompanied by a remix from bass cultures djulz. romanias iuly.b is rapidly becoming a household name in the realms of stripped-back, immersive house music of late, a regular feature on hectors vatos locos imprint and at the labels events, as well as releasing material on bouq, claque musique and of course visionquest where he returns to here following his observatory ep in november of 2016. this time round iuly.b launches the surreal experience with a murky, dub-tinged composition entitled sci fry, laid out over eight minutes with snaking synth whirrs, sweeping dub echoes and tumbling sub bass tones before bass culture head-honcho djulz reworks the original into a more robust, groove-drive interpretation via swinging rhythms, stuttering sample chops and a thunderous low end drive. moonberry opens the flip side on a more reduced tip with bumpy organic percussion, rounded sub swells and an amalgamation of sonar blip melodies to create a dynamic and hypnotic workout, time traveller then closes the release via expansive atmospherics, subtly evolving acidic synth licks and loose shuffling drums
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12" Vinyl UK 03.12.14
know widely for delivering no nonsense dance floor weapons of the highest quality, one records pull out the goods once again with a double hitter from acid mondays. back on board the label since their standout remix of andrade was released earlier this year, this time they offer their unique production skills with schlurptastic and dohec. on the b-side bass culture boss djulz brings two sterling remixes to the table
One Records
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12" Vinyl UK 22.12.14
4th vinyl part of john digweeds * live in toronto*
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2xcd D 22.08.16
wowser, what a stunning double feature we have here in our hands today! to all our ibiza amigos and chicas: cocoon recordings presents an unbelievable package just in time for the peak of this years ibiza season. please welcome sonja moonear and one of the greatest house and techno producers of all time, mister carl craig! and what a package this is… full of love, soul and electronic dance music highlights. carl craig is in charge for cd1 of our official 2016 ibiza release. the detroits 90s techno wunderkind and the mastermind behind some of the biggest house and techno records ever made leaves us almost speechless with his amazing selection and mix. of course we didnt expect anything
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