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coloured 3x12" Vinyl NL 24.11.17
all three bla bla ryb releases bundled up for one special price!
Bla Bla
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12" Vinyl NL 17.02.17
bla bla music is coming up with something new, something special the upcoming 3 releases will be colored vinyl they will be released one after another in a later stage they will come out as a box this special set will be called ryb. the records will be totally in red yellow and blue with matching artwork in the exact same colour the releases will be done by swiss producer digitaline, the german christian burkhardt and slovenian valentino kanzyani all heavyweights with an impressive discography each release will be supported with remixes of pascal benjamin vincenzo perez university of nowhere and mirko loko every release will come out as 300 limited copies including a plastic sleeve.
Bla Bla
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12" Vinyl D 28.10.16
the label owners of enough! music will tell the next story with their music project.
the following releases are bind together witch each other through the same story. each release gets you closer to the whole story. enjoy listening to the invited second artist digitaline (cadenza, get physical, raoul). four groovy, glittering tracks from eveline fink and digitaline are in the right direction in to your heart. the secret of the whole ep is the concentrated passion.
enjoy our second journey !
Enough! Music
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12" Vinyl D 13.11.12
first of all were fans of digitaline since the first hour. were more than proud to present their third ep
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12" Vinyl D 16.01.12
one year ago digitaline has released raouls very first release. it has been one of their most successful eps so far and both tracks instantly found their audience and brought raoul onto the main floors of the entire world, where it still stands confortably one year later. so what better than to celebrate one year of the label and welcome digitaline back home? same format: two tracks of deep techno, fat grooves and aerial melodies made for the dance floor. almost made on the dance floor. true! digitaline’s sound is always very inspired by their live performances and with those two tracks the boys wonderfully managed to transpose the best of their live skills, energy and dynamic. before finally being released here, both tracks have been played live on many floors throughout 2011, adjusted slowly set after set to touch every soul listening. a-side neon is a massive groove infecting the entire track through long breaks, while synth strings generate waves of tension in the piece. b-side comet is build around a big round bassline and concret noises that give the track its organic motion. the melodies of the track seem to come out of a fairy tale, dreamy arpeggios that defy the laws of gravity.
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12" Vinyl D 18.04.11
cadenzas latest offering comes from swiss german duo laurent bovey & gregory poncet, more commonly known as digitaline. firm family within cadenzas realm of artists, digitalines latest >up and down my spine< ep is their fourth contribution to the increasingly impressive cadenza catalogue of experimental and meticulously produced electronic soundscapes. deep and chugging grooves, atmospheric spheres and industrial synth patterns are digitalines forté. up and down my spine is no exception to their uncompromising rule. a-side africa makes its grand entrance with a deliriously deep bass line belting from underneath its hazy atmosphere and pouncing crisply into cutting hi-hats and sweeping snares. the jerky rhythmic groove is determined from its first steps and contrasts impeccably with the sensual and stripped down vocal from diaraby nene by oumou sangaré. trickling over the top of a fierce and bouncing violin melody, the listener is catapulted into a woven cultural journey. africa is an encapsulating house track thats plethora of influences and appeal span worldwide. on the flip, the duos >shivers< is percussive and a clear companion for its counterpart, >africa<. made to sit effortlessly together, the same potion of heavy kicks, tribal essences and impeccable arrangement follow from one side to the other, coaxing our minds and bodies into digitalines intricate musical world
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.10
played by: luciano, loco dice, dj koze, nick curly, troy pierce, mark henning, johnny d, deetron, magda, adultnapper, luca bacchetti, mikael stavöstrand, agaric, daniel sanchez, ilario alicante, anthony collins , david labeij, alland byallo, nico purmann .... we are very happy to present the first release of our brand new label raoul records! raoul records is into deep and warm electronic dance music, oriented towards house and techno. we wont spare any effort to release soulful pieces of groove from promising talents and tireless producers. on this special occasion, what better choice than digitaline-who constantly innovate in creating tools that truly posses a soul - to push the label in the right direction? for those of you who have savored the digitaline recipe before, youll be surprised to taste one additional ingredient this time...
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12" Vinyl D 18.10.10
after a brief production hiatus on the zurich based cityfox label, cadenza once again welcome swiss based duo digitaline back in to the fold for our 55th release.
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12" Vinyl D 29.07.10
big with: anja schneider, alejandro vivanco, ahmet sisman, anthony collins, benjamin fehr, cesar merveille, cesare vs disorder, david labeij, deetron, kabale & liebe, kiki, marco resmann, mark henning, matt tolfrey, paco osuna, pheek, tiefschwarz, à how beautiful is the rain! ?after the dust and heat, ?in the broad and fiery street, ?in the narrow lane, ?how beautiful is the rain!these, and far more than these, ?the poet sees! ?he can behold, ?aquarius old, ?walking the fenceless fields of air! ?and from each ample fold, ?of the clouds about him rolled, scattering everywhere,?the showery rain, ?as the farmer scatters his grain
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080808 EP
12" Vinyl D 28.09.09
in 2006, gregorythme released a stunning cannibale ep on minibar, with its famous echolalie lyric, twisted, flying track and croque mitaine, a dachkantines favorite. we were looking forward to bring the minibarian back home, et voilÓ ! together with his alter ego laps, digitaline is on boardà and offers a must-have-ep. 080808, side a, is a 12 minutes pure digitaline stylistic signature, feelings going crescendo, keeping up with you to take off. its a minibars special. oz factor, side b, is a new refreshment: a drop of mental bend, a peel of cadence, and a river of pace
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12" Vinyl D 08.07.09
digitaline, the swiss experts in organic grooves and trippy rhythms, are releasing the second record of zurich based label cityfox. the vinyl features 2 long tracks, both telling their own story. the title track seeking attention builds up slowly, a perfect tool to integrate in dj sets, and starts its full power towards minute 5:00. with the catchy vocals and perfectly simple percussion, seeking attention is for sure one of this years summer anthems. it has one thing in common with the b-side track altra - a smart vocal combined with an undeniably tricky groove that makes all of you dance, with no exception. summer can come!
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12" Vinyl D 08.04.09
returning to cadenza following last years self titled ep, digitaline focus their eclectic influences toward two seamlessly executed minimal techno tracks
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12" Vinyl D 26.11.07
finest minimal tech!! back with a new strong number 02! gs remains true to oneself and unites old friends: laurent bovey (laps, digitaline), gregory poncet (gregorythme, digitaline) and georg bleikolm (knor) spent their wild youth in lausanne. music always pushed them forward and now their ways crossed in zurich again.
Grubenstrasse Zuerich
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12" Vinyl D 10.09.07
excellent minimal hypnotic stuff / luciano remix !!!
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12" Vinyl D 02.05.07
digitaline aka gregorythme and laps are one of the great discoveries of lucianos cadenza imprint. after their amazing >rubicube< 12inch the switzerland based duo will release a whole album on cadenza and the minimal nation is going mad from the first plays so far. we are proud to present the first solo twelveinch of laps aka laurent bovey. the straight pumpin but finest minimal structured a1 track fog off will kick the cat for sure. 8 minutes are just too short for that kind of beast- to be played any time! with b2 laps double kicks it digitaline- wise- a deep subbass hymn your ears will wake up with the next day
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2x12" Vinyl D 27.03.07
die schweizer verstehen nicht nur was von uhren und kräuterbonbons sondern auch was von guter musik. digitaline, aka gregorythme and laps zeigten schon auf cadenza 7 was sie können, hier setzen sie noch einen drauf. zum beispiel anja schneider, troy pierce, matthias tanzmann, mike shannon oder karotte sehen das genauso..
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12" Vinyl D 06.10.05
'another superb release from cadenza, deep and extremely well produced'.. masterfully arranged with quirky wooden percussions, improvisations rotating around bouncy snares, swing and occasional organ chords putting some weight on it..
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