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12" Vinyl FR 11.10.18
with the release of this ep ,influential parisian producer d’julz establishes the launch of new label jv in collaboration with highly esteemed french yoyaku team. jv is set to evolve with d’julz showcasing his own productions while bringing in masterful talents to collaborate, and with the music policy being very much open, it’s guaranteed to be a consummate source of electronic music. this two-tracker ep kicks off with ‘chaplin bong’, a euphonic groove-packed house cut that is sheer liquid perfection evolving with a combination of dubby techno stabs penetrating a rolling disco bassline. ’j’y vais’, which translates to “i go”, is a deep and bass-heavy old school track that’s hewn from chicago influences. apropulsive, sheen-polished dancefloor gripper.
JV Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 04.07.18
second release of the new sub label from politics of dancing records, p.o.d cross, featuring label boys politics of dancing and their homies, d julz and oleg poliakov. another serious dance floor friendly 2 tracker cut for djs.
P.O.D Cross
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12" Vinyl FR 02.02.18
for the first various artists of the french house label. popcorn records is really proud to present popcorn diary vol 1. and what an honnor to have 4 amazing artists on board 2 parisian legends with point g and d’julz, the great uk legend aubey and the only one amir alexander from chicago.
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12" Vinyl FR 27.03.17
slamming phunked up chicago house , 90s feeling
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12" Vinyl UK 14.12.16
renowned house veterans d’julz and jordan fields drop two tracks each for a split release on radio slave’s rekids this december. one of the key components in parisian electronic music, the a side sees a display of groove led cuts signature to d’julz as ‘shy town’ combines sultry bass tones with mesmerizing atmospherics and tranquil piano chords, making way for the crunchy drums and trippy synths of ‘in your soul’. meanwhile, from across the pond in chicago, jordan fields’ raw productions begin with syncopated percussion and fuzzy notes until ‘mformation’ concludes the package with thudding kicks and ethereal melodies. both artists have been commanding forces in electronic music for 25 years each making this split release very special indeed.
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12" Vinyl FR 01.04.16
new ep by d julz on phonogramme.more info soon mastering by dj steaw / promotion by uk exclusive
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12" Vinyl FR 10.09.15
bass cultures latest release comes straight from the studio of the label head, d julz. a man who draws on dub influences, groove and deep soul-enriching rhythms, d julz is a member of the paris old school fraternity and brings that classic sound right into the 21st century with his houdini ep.across three tracks we have a selection of music that epitomises what he’ all about. the title track gets things rolling with a sultry groove pervading throughout, crunchy claps add depth while fizzing synth lines and throwback yelps give it plenty of character. second track * waiting 4 visa* is a classy breakbeat-led outing, delicate effects loom in the background entrancing the listener while the minimal composition keeps things simple and hypnotic. lastly * serendipity* takes us a few layers deeper, with a laid-back bounce and chirpy bleeps really bringing it to life. d julz shows us once again why he is one of the mainstays of the paris, a godfather who does everything with a touch of class.
Bass Culture
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VOL. 5
12" Vinyl FR 11.12.14
home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so. evidently seeking a new challenge, the parisian s new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working, with every ep released upfront on vinyl-only terms and produced exclusively on analogue equipment. this time franck collaborate with one of the french house hero in the parisian scene today and also label boss of bass culture, resident dj at the famous rex club…this guy needs no introductions, please make some noise for mister d julz. franck and julien are living in the same district in paris and sometimes talked about doing a collaboration, see what can come thru few moments spend in the studio, mixing their own influences of todays vision of house music, they finally took their time to come with 3 brand new tracks that comes from pick time stuff ( cityzoo) to deep and dubby vibe on * dubwize* or even the very old school chicagoan * in the rush*.. this ep will surely please most of the real house music lovers from the past and today
Home Invasion
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12" Vinyl FR 24.09.14
new ep by d julz (bass culture owner)
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12" Vinyl FR 26.05.14
the latest bass culture presents an exciting partnership between label boss d julz and his long time friend cassy, resulting in three tracks of the kind of refined house music that you would naturally expect from two well-travelled djs. her global status as a dj ensures cassy is never far from the minds of switched-on house heads, but its a rare treat to enjoy her own productions. when she appears on record she makes it count, and its no different here as her and djulz tap into what makes them tick as djs and dancers alike
Bass Culture
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 18.07.13
this d julz classic (da madness) comes with hi class remixes from rolando, the martinez brothers, doc martin and d julz himself
Bass Culture
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12" Vinyl D 31.03.11
in its fourteen releases to date bass culture has welcomed a variety of talent, yet till now has hosted the mercurial beats of its boss only the once, on the edit of anonyms >lov is easy<. todays >fofoca< ep sees d julz confirm once again just why he and his music are held in such high regard, with three exclusive new cuts from the frenchman.
big with: laurent garnier, anthony collins, catz n dogz, bushwacka!, sebo k, gel abril, tiefschwarz, radioslave, marco carola, luciano, sascha dive, okain, luke solomon, slam, tobi neumann, ame, nick curly, ...
Bass Culture
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12" Vinyl FR 21.10.10
d julz & paul ritch together for « run » with 2000 & one remix & visionquest remix (lee cutiss,ryan crosson & sex troxler)
Quartz Rec
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12" Vinyl US 14.05.10
d julz returns to ovum with his >second hand feet< ep. this is the follow up to the hugely successful >just so yo know< d julz releases have seen support from the likes of richie hawtin, luciano, loco dice, anja schneider, and many more.
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.08
if you like electronic music and youve lived in paris for the last 15 years, theres no way you dont know that man. djulz start playing the very firstparis raves back in 1992. since that time he never stoped running to make things happen in his hometown. hes also the oldest resident of rex club with his party bass culture. today djulz is releasing more and more great music after having produced eps and remixes for label such as music for freaks, paper recordings, 20:20 vision, poker flat, ovum, real tone or intacto, djulz is releasing, fleurette, his new 12inch on circus company. fleurette is a sweet, naïve and housy track. the track is build up over a piano loop which leeds us to some children vocals. all that is surrounded by a strong and precussive rythmic stuffed with a beautifull ride. its defeinitively the kind of track which gives you the power to stick a smile on everybodies face. on b side comes the fleurette tobias. remix. for sure you know the man behind mythical releases on logistic records and more recently wagon repair. hes also behind the electronic jazz combo called nsi. which just give name to his own label. an emblematic character of the scene who collaborates with artist like atom heart, dandy jack or max loderbauer in the past 20 years. supported by dixon, jay haze, Âme, luciano, laurent garnier, 2000 & one, josh wink and dj deep.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl BE 18.06.08
played out by luciano, loco dice, matthias tanzmann, 2000 and one, bart skils, lauhaus !! incl shinedoe remix. after massive chart breakers on ovum and pokerflat, paris based julien veniel aka d julz joins forces at intacto with his dub wise funky roller yo momo release
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12" Vinyl US 14.05.08
loco dice / josh wink playlist - 2000 and one remix
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12" Vinyl FR 11.05.07
clean produced minimal electrofied techhouse two tracker
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12" Vinyl D 21.09.06
as a producer d julz released his tracks since 2000 on labels like ovum, serial, 20/20 vision, paper, music for freaks, end recordings. now he is back with a fresh 12inch on dessous recordings.the title-track >berlingo< is a breezy and funky beatdriven mixture of reduced house music and technoid influences which seem to escalate from bar to bar until some hypnotic chords come in and set the roof on fire!moon harbour s finest matthias tanzmann & daniel stefanik created a fantastic remix of >berlingo< recomposing the original ingredients into a dark hypnotic techno house hybrid. deep and drifty >sulo< on b2 rounds up the single with a flashy bassline and nice sythnie and sound gimmicks
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12" Vinyl FR 20.02.06
das wäre definitiv auch ein kandidat für audiomatique oder poker flat. herrlich tight & funktional
Brique Rouge
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12" Vinyl FR 22.02.18
surely one of the most famous song that franck produced in his entire career.. the combination between him and mandel turner (naturally born in usa) was explosive the day they created this songin avery naive and uncalculated way .it all started from a beat on a mpc with a minimal hook and a bassline.. franck called his long time friend mandel turner to join him in his studio and explained him that the idea was not to do a classic garage song but to make it in a modern way. the result was to work on a strong chorus without verses etc .that we can found on every classic songs. we gived a demo track to appolonia guys wich were in ibiza starting their new residency at dc10 and it has been played the whole summer and all clubbers in ibiza knew this song and became a underground hit when it came out.. franck asked to his close friends (seuil etc..) and producers to give another interpretation of this song because he knew that his friends loved already this song.. so they gave to this song a new life few month later after the success of the original release. today we got ion one wax different versions of this song for different time to be played and different audiences.
Home Invasion
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10" Vinyl BE 10.08.12
incl d julz and district one remixes !! polder strikes again bit now with a hot remix pack of the poldermodel album. played by richie hawtin, marco carola, ricardo villalobos, adam beyer and 2000 and one
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12" Vinyl UK 27.03.12
spencer parker makes a welcome return to british institution rekids, this time reworked by two french producers - rex resident molly and parisian house connoisseur, d julz in a package comprising two of spencers dancefloor assaults from 2008, >improvised minotaur< and >romantic<
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12" Vinyl D 04.03.10
d julzs bass culture records has undoubtedly been one of the major highlights of 2009. in just four releases the french label has set the bar for all others in terms of quality and 2010 is looking to be a groundbreaking year for them. the second release of 10 showcases the label head keeping it detroit, and a bit in the grey area - with the lov is easy release by anonym. anonym. the one who is anonymous. with releases on anonymous release, archipel, bloop, pariter, fof, and sushitech. anonym has also contributed the scoring soundtrack to works on display at the museum of moving images in nyc for pbfb. according to the man himself, i am anonym the one who is anonymous. i am anonymous because in any popular music form prone to be ransacked by the egos of its participants, a state of grace is best achieved and sustained by pursuing a life of anonymity. that preserves its creators from the warping stare of the media and its public in the process. his sound is tempered with grace & style, with a feeling of - detroit is my heart and often my songs sing her praises. i have known her all my life.
Bass Culture
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12" Vinyl D 29.03.10
andrade is the fresh faced insurgent whos been pulling at the hearts and ears of listeners ever since his debut release on the french label time has changed last year. now, in only a short time the young man has built his sound so that it captured the attention of steve bugs dessous imprint. the pumping, disco storm that is face de bouc is like taking a ride down the street into funkytown centre! lazy, swinging beats underpin a monster baseline track that lifts and builds as hot horns and cosmic elements become intwined in the mysterious narration. fellow french power player d julz remixes‚ bouc in his typical upfront and hi quality style. urgent, dubbed fragments of party house phase in between flashing, energetic percussion. housemusic 2010. the tight grind of old rules is a perfect companion to these two monsters, then. operating on devious, dead funky sub levels its a tight and modern take on stab laden house classicism.
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717 EP
12" Vinyl UK 14.01.09
big support from: gregor tresher, loco dice, sebo k, nick curly, 2000andone, mirko loco and agnes.... tsuba starts 2009 with a bang with the first 12inch release on the label from rising star okain. having debuted on tsuba in july 2008 on the digital only >tsuba samurai ep<, sam okain steps up with his first full release for the label and its a big one. the original of >717< is deep tech house with a killer groove and a warm tripped out riff - a great combination of light and dark touches which results in an edgy but very accessible track. for the remix djulz ups the tempo and adds a splash of techno, spine tingling keys and jacking bassline. loco dice featured the mix on his recent radio 1 essential mix. the deep house of >slow ride< completes an ep of the highest quality. + huge djulz remix.
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2x 12" Vinyl + 10" Vinyl BE 25.11.08
special ltd pack contains 2x12 inch poldermodel album + 10 inch remixes by bart skils & anton pieete and d julz... played by richie hawtin, marco carola, ricardo villalobos, adam beyer and 2000 and one
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