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12" Vinyl UK 28.05.18
suction records is proud to present ii - a new, archival ep release by italian duo d’arcangelo. we like to think of ii as an imaginary sequel to the duos classic 1996 debut ep on aphex twins legendary, now-defunct rephlex records (also reissued on suction last year). just like their debut ep, the material on ii was recorded in the ‘90s using hardware synths, samplers, and fx. also like their debut, ii similarly features fierce, crunchy industrialized electronix on side a, backed with melodic, robotic electro (the darcangelo brothers call these tracks their diagrams) on side b. four of the six tracks are previously unreleased, while aom2 (an absolute monster rephlex-style distorted beat track) and diagram ix (a timeless slice of early-human league-style synth pop) come from long-out-of-print 90s vinyl comps on eclectic records and suction records, respectively.
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12" Vinyl UK 22.06.17
suction records is thrilled and honoured to announce the reissue of d arcangelo s self-titled debut ep for rephlex, the legendary uk label run by aphex twin and grant wilson-claridge from 1991-2013. d arcangelo are the italian duo of brothers fabrizio and marco d arcangelo, active in the underground electronic scene under various aliases since the early 90s, and still going strong today. released in 1996, their rephlex debut -d arcangelo- was one of the first releases to make a firm connection between contemporary idm/electronix and the sound of 80s synth pop. the 3 tracks on side a are ripping, industrial-strength electronix, as fierce, crunchy and menacing anything aphex twin himself had released at the time. in sharp contrast, side b s 3 tracks are playful, clean and melodic instrumental synthpop, with clear synthetic references to bands like depeche mode and omd. it was a sound that was certainly not in fashion at the time, and helped the ep stand out in 1996, for that very reason.
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12" Vinyl NL 15.10.15
new quality label from madrid! more info soon... 300 hand numbered copies.
Analogical Force
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12" Vinyl IT 27.09.12
nice price deal !!! new ep by fire at work (fabrizio rossi e fabio recchia) pre idm post dubstep slow breakcore with an old school syncopathic remix by somatic responses aka paul and john healy (hymen records, ad noiseam, etc.) and a light dark idm traditional re-track by fabrizio e marco d arcangelo (rephlex u.k.) excellent return of idroscalo on vinyl!
Idroscalo Dischi
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12" Vinyl NL 12.02.10
the d arcangelo brothers somehow forgot about the downtempo side of things for this ep on the warm and freaky 030303 imprint. unlike on their releases for rephlex we hear mid and highspeed chicago influenced stuff thats a big treat for fans of gescom, stinkworx and afx (some stuff brings back memories of his helston flora mix of baby fords normal). mind you, theres still a distinctive d arcangelo sound to all of this jackin. what are all those false and sleepy melodies for? to confuse us? what a mindfuck this psychedelic minialbum is!
030303 Records
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12" Vinyl UK 06.12.06
fabrizio and marco d arcangelo share their love for synth generated music. fond of electronic music since the british new wave invasion of the 80s, the two brothers were keen on embarking onto early experimental music through the aid of affordable samplers and pcs. in the early 90s they joined dj max durante in the asu project on hot trax, a hard techno venture which saw the release of three eps, culminating in their live act at the zurich energy 93. in the following years, two deliberately distinct projects were born, centuria city and automia division, dividing the techno and melodic edges
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cd UK 28.05.18
full-length cd compiling d arcangelo s 1996 rephlex debut ep, together with unreleased archival 90s tracks. an even division of harsh, industrial electronix tracks, and warm, melodic electro/synthpop tracks. tracks 2-7 taken from darcangelo ep (1996 rephlex / 2017 suction records), tracks 8-13 taken from darcangelo ii ep (our new imaginary sequel to the duos classic 1996 debut), 1+14 cd/digital exclusives, previously unreleased)
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl D Pre sale
touched music und furthur electronix gehen in die zweite runde mit ihrer zukunftsweisenden compilations reihe.
TE 002
Touched Electronix
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