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12" Vinyl UK 29.11.11
beretta grey is proud to present the newest ep from toronto native arthur oskan. keeping with the same quality music crowds and djs have come to expect from beretta grey, arthur presents a strong and hypnotic release in which the true essence of his home town and love for detroit can be heard and felt in his music. arthur takes us on a dark and mysterious journey, channeling the emotions of deep dance floors across the globe and back. appropriately titled: >wants & needs<, this ep is a slice of classic techno constructed with a modern touch. rounding out this marvelous package on remix duty is the beretta fox himself, luke hess (deeplabs/fxhe/beretta). bringing that old school detroit warehouse vibe, luke hess serves up a deeper shade of arthurs original. perfect for a gig a in a dingy warehouse basement or your headphones, these sublime melodies are crying out for only the darkest dance floors.
Berettamusic Grey
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12" Vinyl D 19.04.11
big with john tejada, danny howells, slam, josh wink, vince watson, the timewriter, jay tripwire and many more. one of torontos most respected underground producers and live acts, arthur oskan unleashes the debut single from his upcoming thoughtless full-length, a little more than everything, with our first-ever vinyl release, tlv049.
Thoughtless Music
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12" Vinyl NL 20.01.09
flight patterns is arthur oskan s follow up to his matrix debut >flashback<. flight patterns opens with the epic track aerial, a slowly building dance floor scorcher that secretly recalls the works of kraftwerk, vapourspace, and tangerine dream. aerial is sure to be a mainstay in your dj set for months to come. the flip side contains the deep tech-house aril brikha styled production that oskan has become known for on the track entitled stopover and the indescribable, yet funky synthesizer workout entitled more than space. flight patterns is another top production by one of toronto s best producers.
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12" Vinyl NL 21.04.08
prime techno with detroitsh flavours
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12" Vinyl FR 01.11.07
the canadian arthur oskan, also known as auracle or myers briggs, delivers here on the new crate savers original detroit techno music with compressed beats, driven chords and this beautiful melodies
Crate Savers
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12" Vinyl UK 09.03.16
we kick off the ep with the original mix that consists of the use of dulcet tones & floating synthetic elements. next, classic house legend brett johnson delivers a floor banger with his groundbreaking remix. and to end, pioneer arthur oskan takes a depth dive into creepy late night space.
Harmonious Discord
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12" Vinyl lp UK 12.11.14
an idea who’s time has clearly come, moon rock volume 1 struck a nerve upon release last spring. a collection of deeply atmospheric ambience, cosmic, and chillout techno, it was the opening salvo in a much longer-term effort by nyc-based throne of blood recordings to establish a platform for a diverse collection of friends and musical fellow travellers to explore composing music for folding time and exploring innerspace. now, just months after vol. 1 hit shelves, moon rock volume 2 is upon us…
Throne Of Blood
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12" Vinyl D 25.05.11
the black tokyo project cd has been very successful for the enigmatic duo from detroit along with their two new japanese members ice truck and erika. remix sessions 1 embodies some of techno music hottest and charismatic artist such as bpitch control ellen allien, planet es keyboard guru niko marks from detroit and canada live impresario arthur oskan. ellen allien remix real to reel gives a tight minimal beat driven retake on an aux 88 funky groove. rounding out side a aux 88 original previously only available on the full length cd. side b shows why niko marks can take the >title track black tokyo< in a more kraftwerken sort of way with heavy beautiful strings and funkified groove. soul of black shows arthur oskan dance production skills as he delivers a bonafide minimal bass driven delight.
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