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12" Vinyl NL 09.08.17
nice price deal !!! klakson welcomes art bleek ! this paris based producer/musician already released some nice quality house music on labels like connaisseur recordings but is also know for his more jazz orientated projects, playing live sax and piano! this ep brings you 3 beautifull, deep and soulfull tracks with a nice distinctive drive
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12" Vinyl FR 30.11.12
first born of the rabbit stables, ftwr 001 is guaranteed to make your head bob! for this first ep something big has been planned and its been in trusted to the safe keeping of a talented artist: the french producer art bleek. he is the composer of many albums at loungin recording and collaborating with leads of famous renowned labels such as eevonext recording, rush hour records, connaisseur recordings, and charivari records.
code for free mp3 download of this ep included.
already support by ritchie hawtin, raresh, radio slave, anthony collins, chris carrier, arnaud le texier, olivier andrade, mihai popoviciu, kabale und liebe, spencer parker, grego g, nima gorji, slam ...
Follow The White Rabbit
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12" Vinyl UK 18.04.11
kicking off 2011 with a killer e.p. is our favourite artist art bleek featuring a number of remixes from the new art supplies album released on loungin this month plus some fresh cuts exclusive to this release. starting the e.p. is a floor filling remix of clap your hands by our own trevor loveys. the original has been out for a few months in the blogosphere and has been picking up some heavy props. next up is hold it (a little longer) where art shows off his true talent of the master of the musical groove with a rolling bass and a choppup vocal lick to keep the party rocking. flip over to side b and you would be excused if you thought someone had swapped the record out for a disco classic. with vox by noelle scaggs and a harmony that nile rodgers would be proud of arthur creates a boogie classic that is very much flavour of the moment. following on is an exclusive remix of the hunt dance featuring the unmistakable voice of ursula rucker. the original on art supplies has had such amazing reactions that we all thought it would be hard to better it, but again arthur has done it delivering a groover for the heads. finally is right on featuring finest charlie sputnik. art delivers a more techy grove to this classic which is a sound he is becoming more recognised for which contrasts so will with charlies trademark smooth vocals.
Loungin Recordings
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 09.02.11
after the real thing ep, arthur pochon a.k.a art bleek is coming back on sharivari with four deep and funky tracks. from alright and its straight and dynamic bassline, to the broken style beats of deep hop, full of percussions and jazzy grooves, and closing the ep with the wild and hypnotising hi-hats of traces & dust, the immigrant ep proves that the parisian producer is still one of the ambassadors of the french deep techno scene.
Sharivari Records
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 05.05.10
second release on sharivari records, coming from parisian musician art bleek, who already worked for rush hour, room with a view, loungin recordings, resopal or connaisseur.
Sharivari Records
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12" Vinyl UK 21.07.09
the first project from the forthcoming art bleek collaborations album, back again is a disco mashup with a summer feel that gets things moving on this ep. with art bleek?s signature groove on the bassline, combined with the trademark li?ll bo tweak groove this one is sure to be a winner!on the b side is boogies gonna get ya which is reminiscent of the earlier li?ll bo tweak remix of art bleek?s between yesterday & tomorrow which was the first project of the trevor loveys & chris belsey production team back in 2006. dancefloor beats and a smooth 80?s harmony delivers room 3 soul with room 1 beats.
Loungin Records
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12" Vinyl D 09.07.09
excellent deep hypnotic , detroit influenced tracks on this high demanded room in a view - imprint !!! high quality stuff!! decks tipp!!!
Room With A View
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12" Vinyl D 28.01.09
played by jimpster, brendon moeller, sebo k, shur-i-kan, till von sein, dorian paic, david k, afrilounge, osunlade, dave dk , glimpse,..
Sounderground Records
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12" Vinyl D 24.07.08
supported by jeff bennett, ripperton, fabrice lig, solomun, pawas, john digweed, dubnitzky, bvdub, da funk, estroe,.... french producer arthur pochon alias art bleek (resopal, connaisseur, klakson, kubism, rushhour) is well known for his beautiful and dancing releases. now he presents his debut release on night drive music. the strong limited 4-tracker is full of dreaming moments, grooving beats and wonderful stories. this tunes are made for the deep summernights but also for the morning after. calmly and tenderly art bleek caresses our soul with soft chords, enchanting melodies and flattering beats.
Night Drive Music Limited
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12" Vinyl D 19.05.08
art bleek is the alias of artur pochon, who currently resides in paris. he’s a real musician, composer, sound designer, gourmet and this is his second ep release on resopal red. artur has been building up his reputation through a slew of releases and an album appearance on jesse rose s loungin’ label. always one to embrace change and a new challenge, he realized that resopal red would be an ideal home for the follow-up to 2007’s released 12 mind in motion, an ep that cemented pochon as one of the most interesting producers of electronic yet enthralling house music. his l.a. ep is as minimal and as maximal as dancefloor tracks could be - all four tracks with outstanding basslines, tight drum programing and fully dancefloor suited.. reminiscing on the time art bleek spend in l.a., memories of the city became the source of inspiration for this 12
Resopal Red
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12" Vinyl UK 30.04.08
nice price deal !!! art bleek is a name thats been doing the rounds for a few years now. the paris based producer never fails to live up to expectations whether it be deep minimal housers, downtempo jazzed-out loungers, broken beat or straight up hip hop, versatility is the mans game. hes recorded for labels such as rush hour & loungin and now for sick trumpet he brings californian vocalist charlie sputnik along to make the french connection. first up is all night, a mid-tempo nu-jazz shuffler that glides between broken beat and house with a killa groove, walkin bass lines, vocal hooks and scats a plenty from mr sputnik. support already from domu with plays on his 1xtra show zed bias takes the track and turns it into a new jersey house bumper with that added biaspheric twist weve all come to expect - big ! on the flip we have brothers & sisters, an electronic influenced houser with a bassline bigger than the eiffel tower and slicker than platini. with charlie sputnik again on vocals he provides the perfect narrative & melody to this dancefloor smasher ! the dub mix of this is something else…..anyone for dubstep electonica ? check
Sick Trumpet
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12" Vinyl D 05.03.08
big with fabrice lig, funk d’void, dj hell, jimpster, steve bug, 2000 and one, michael mayer, karotte, sebo k, kiki, gregor tresher, satoshi tomie. in 2001, art bleek started to release his first tracks on compilations. he played the saxophone alongside deejays and started spinning an eclectic blend of jazz, nu-jazz, broken beats, bossa-nova, world and electro jazz records in hip parisian bars and restaurants himself. at the end of 2004, art bleek signed a record contract with lounging records. he released his first album there, followed by a single, two eps and a remix album.
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12" Vinyl D 27.11.07
paris resident and former bostons berklee college student of music art bleek delivers the upcoming >mind in motion< 12inch on resopal red. after successful releases on rushhour and jesse roses loungin label, he brings you some fresh fruits to start an healthy winter. his style? organic, deep, sensual reduced tracks meet a smart, hard-hitting funk groove. throw in a twist of jazz while youre at it – e voila! the opener >mind in motion< is piece of dense, crunchy and broken house music with an recloose like approach. >between the lines< starts of with a solid minimal groove forming in a chord driven monster. the flipside continues with a slowing building organic house piece. the record concludes with a melodic track which reminds of afx or drexciya
Resopal Red
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12" Vinyl NL 10.09.07
relaxter hypnotisch - electronischer techhouse strahler, der vor coolness nur so strotzt! tip
Rush Hour
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cd UK 14.12.10
as an accomplished musician, arthur pochon (aka art bleek) presents in december 2010 his >art supplies< and weaves elements of house, funk, soul, jazz, rare groove and more into a rich musical tapestry. with vocals from ursula rucker, voice, nya, charlie sputnik and airelle besson >art supplies< reveals many depths and textures over thirteen tracks of shimmering, heart-felt grooves.
Loungin Records
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cd NL 09.07.10
EevoNext Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 08.09.15
magic touch feat. charlie sputnik - found love ep straight from california, magic touch returns to tensnake’s true romance with a very hyptnotic house record for the summer. after the successful debut ep in 2013, we are excited to have magic touch back on the label. but not only that, also charlie sputnik is returning after his feature on larses trep002 release. magic touch aka damon palermo delivers the perfect 90ies vocal house track, including a samplepella mix and a very special art bleek remix on the b side.
True Romance
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 04.03.10
french based label, sharivari records is a new vinyl and digital imprint run by olivier mutschler, focusing on a large variety of electronic music, from minimal techno to soulful house, broken beat or detroit influenced deep techno. the first release is coming from jeremy carrasco and johan speissegger, aka prime time, parisian duo who has recently collaborated with oxia on goodlife records.
Sharivari Records
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