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12" UK 11.09.17
alessandro crimi s returns to open recordings with his travels ep, once again providing elegant smooth dub techno with twists and turns of thought and adventure. parisian janeret now joining the label with an engetic re work of seashorewalk with frazer campbell providing a solid house vibe to night dive
OPEN 004
Open UK
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12" 28.06.17
nice price deal !!! italic s neuentdeckung kommt erfrischend oldschoolig daher. acid house modern verpackt & ein popnoname remix für dein sonnenaufgang set
Italic 058
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12" 27.06.14
alessandro crimis quantum realm is the much-loved dub techno track appeared on our last etui winter camp 2 compilation. long term etui records label artist and abstract animal founder monomood delivered 2 massive remixes for this track.
Etui Records
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12" 26.09.07
alessandro crimi comes here with an incredible dub techno monster. one of these timeless tracks that youll find yourself spinning in 30 years. huge drums, classic dance appealing analogue sounds along with the rattling bulldozerfeeling bassline. get your backpack and prepare for a deep journey! chaton on the other side is drying things out, keeping all the elements and thus delighting us with a stunning beat as well as hes ever mid 90s techno synths stabs that just drives anyone shaking. a deep reinterpretation aimed for the capital t for techno enthusiasts out there
Sthlm Audio
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12" 12.12.06
crimi hätte es zwar alleine gekonnt, bekommt aber trotzdem 2 feine mixe von losoul & christian quast
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2x12" (180g) 08.08.18
waehlscheibe from switzerland has thought of something really special to celebrate release #10 and has created a double vinyl compilation that assembles many of the label s regulars together with a few fresh faces. the prevailing sound between deep and dubby techno and dub house refects the label s long-time dedication to this particular version of electronic music. thus waehlscheibe has established itself as more than an insider s tip for those who cherish grounded quality and timeless sounds. from the dub techno sounds of novio dub tribe, patrizio gabrielli and s&ro via sophisticated dub house from mend, anton kubikov and alessandro crimi to the housey afairs of a.s.cudia and drei farben house the compilation x showcases a fne variety of contemporary house and techno with subtle twists and quite a few sonic surprises.
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12" UK 24.03.17
fifth interval gather together some of the most forward thinking minds in the dub techno sphere for this various artists ep. those already acquainted with the label will be familiar with the likes of federsen and tomas rubeck, who headed up the first and second releases respectively. they are joined by dub techno luminary brendon moller, aka beat pharmacy and alessandro crimi, for this four tracker of perfectly contrasting arrangements. federsen opens the proceedings with the sunset sequence of bay blues, cascading keys rolling through the gaps in a subtly broken drum arrangement, making for effortless and captivating listening. beat pharmacy contributes his first original material to the label after a brace of remixes last year. showing true mastery of the board, chromed chord stabs are pushed and pulled around the mix in true dubwise style, drifting over a malleable bassline that packs a serious punch. on the flip side, tomas rubeck crafts a tightly woven backdrop of constantly evolving, organic atmospherics and powerful drum work for io, and this muscular workout is perfectly contrasted by the swung grooves and kaleidoscopic synthesis of alessandro crimis fractal clouds, which closes the ep.
Fifth Interval Records
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12" UK 19.08.16
open recordings return with their 2nd release flight following the departed emotions ep released earlier this year. frazer campbell piloting the journey with flight 82874, with 2 of the finest co pilots from hugely respected labels slow life and wahlscheibe. s.moreira and allessandro crimi re constructing the original into superb pieces of timeless music with a dubby outro for good measure!
OPEN 002
Open UK
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12" 01.07.16
family in the house ! gmuf s 4th release is a four tracker various artist ep with friends such as alessandro crimi & raphael raban, summed & dot, thomas wood and dzanin. a diverse compilation for any taste of todays club music.
God Made Us Funky Records
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12" 180g 02.11.15
an atmospheric journey through the deepest depths of dub and ambient infused techno. volume 2 of the >tdh< series delivers hypnotic rhythms combined with cinematic soundscapes through the unique work of four electronic storytellers.
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coloured 12" 20.03.15
for the already 7th vinyl we come up with the swiss dub techno warriors fabian schinzel & rjega presenting an epic deep journey with their exo ep featuring a great remix by alessandro crimi. just to let you know, some of you migh know fabian better as xeed for his great dub techno dj mixes during the last years. enjoy the trip
DimbiDeep Music
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