2x12" Vinyl lp UK 22.02.18
(2018 repress) re-release eines absoluten warp-katalog-highlights: das legendäre * the other people place* album (2001) von james stinson. eine hälfte der detroiter formation drexciya. der kurz nach veröffentlichung verstarb. * lifestyles of the laptop café* . mit seiner atemberaubender schönheit. wärme und emotionalität. gehört zu den beeindruckendsten meilensteinen des detroit techno-genres und inspirierte spätere deep house-werke von omar s. jus-ed und moodymann sowie moderne uk/us bass-künstler wie actress und kyle hall. schwarzes doppel-vinyl mit download-code.
Warp Records
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25.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 22.03.18
limited edition green translucent vinyl
Last Copy!
16.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.03.18
-prairie- is a deep journey from noisy railroad construction sites. vast spaces and hazy hills to light-flooded plains and the comfort of a crackling campfire. robert heel skilfully fuses elements of ambient. drone. field recordings and dub to create original sonic landscapes. sensual and captivating. an immersive soundtrack of sonic sceneries and emotions. a glimpse of a vague future and a flashback to times long gone. throughout this unique piece the artist introduces his extraordinary approach to sound: dreamy but on point – dark but shimmering – distinct but unpredictable. the -prairie- 12“ vinyl comes in a distinguished screen printed recycling cardboard sleeve and with stamped back and label. hand made with love and care in berlin.
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12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
paper tree sneaked out into the world for a moment a few years back and then vanished. lee burridge loved the track so much that he continued to harass rebelski. sometimes standing outside his window in the flower bed. for weeks on end until he finally agreed to let lee release it on all day i dream. not content with a single track lee went back to rebelskis garden and tapped on the window repeatedly until he agreed to make some more beautiful tracks. obviously pestering producers in this manner bares fruit. the paper tree ep ranges from a beautiful solitary solo piano piece that wouldn t be amiss in a british period piece drama where someone dies unexpectedly leaving the survivors to deal with it. all the while maintaining their stiff upper lip. fly the kite made us want to go outside and do just that. so we did. it was epic. circles and squares joins paper tree as one of those dance floor moments best experienced with ones eyes closed. myriad is the sound of a young lady robots jewelry box (yes. we predict robots will be wearing jewelry in the future) that she(bot) pines to hear when she s all grown up and rusty. omoshiroi is. well. its just so damn pretty. good work rebelski. good work.
All Day I Dream
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.07.17
plaza’s first physical release features 4 tracks from an all local lineup of atripat. consulate. lanngman and mike midnight. this one comes from a special place. a place where raw electronic excursions go head to head with heavy machine fuelled jams. conceived in the north western coast and commemorated from the depths of the city.
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 12.01.18
the third solo record by skymn further articulates the width of his artistry by taking us on a melancholic night ride across retro-futuristic skylines and dimly lit neon roads.
the record has received early support from artists such as claudio prc. deepbass. ness. svreca. artefakt. etapp kyle. i/y. iori. jonas kopp. kwartz. rasmus hedlund. samuli kemppi. takaaki itoh. eric cloutier. conrad van orton and s100 to name a few.
Hypnus Records
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl. 140 g UK 20.03.18
akumandra is the mexican imprint of sainte vie. the label promotes the exceptional artists riding the sub current of multicultural electronic music and. after 3 years of sharing its music for free. it s about to release on vinyl for the first time. sainte vie s music is a prime summary of what it means to hear in a post-genre universe. as trends are quickly rendered obsolete. the accumulation of culture debris is becoming more significant in relation to the producer the ability to create a nostalgic blur through a composition of artifacts and interpretations. paying homage to this. estacion inmortal (sainte vie s first ep) produces the afterglow associated with an auditory epiphany. the combination of mellow interludes. earthy chord progressions and acoustic-synthetic equilibrium have the capacity to conquer both communal space and solitude.
AK 001
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.03.18
gasp records opens 2018 with an impressive. breathtaking and extraordinary debut ep represented by the ukranian newcomer unkkut. first appeared on the radar as part of get busy recordings compilation now he’s here to debut his first vinyl release - attitude ep. unkkut reveals your deepest fears and won’t let you run from them. take a deep breath as you drown inside yourself.
Gasp Records
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp NL 29.08.14
welcome to the new age of new age and enter the overworld by a.r.t. wilson aka andras fox. originally recorded for the contemporary dance work overworld by sarah aiken and rebecca jensen it was released on tape in very limited quantities this april. now its available in classy white and pink lake vinyl from growing bin records.
GBR 002
Growing Bin Records
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21.95 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl + cd D 19.01.18
2018 repress .how much do you really know about nina kraviz? shes a russian techno dj. an accomplished producer. one of dance musics breakthrough names of the last five years. true enough. but theres so much more to her story than that. shes one of electronic musics most interesting characters. someone who has stuck to her musical guns since day one. someone who has wide-ranging roots that run deep in the past. yet shes also the embodiment of the future. her signature sound is a raw blend of house and techno with a very acidic feel. if that feels very now. kraviz has a lot to do with it. which is why she was asked to mix the latest instalment of !k7s landmark dj kicks series.
!K7 Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.95)
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25.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.04.16
vigilant electronics and desolated soundscapes by lundin oil aka abdulla rashim with the first long player under this moniker. ltd supplies!
Northern Electronics
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2 x 12" Vinyl NL 02.02.17
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12" Vinyl NL 03.03.17
mayak starts 2017 year with another bright newcomer - christopher ledger. his intelligent approach to music production and love to deep grooves is greatly shown on a-side. including original track and an ambient beatless version. on b-side we invite already beloved teluric. who makes a proper prime-time remix.
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.08.17
the dust settles on the inaugural release... we immediately swipe the dust away and prepare a triple-shot salvo from fyi chris: two west friends from around the way. tracks informed by times spent on the shore. in fields by moonlight with moonshine and in the line for some midnight scran. pass some time and the peace pipe with this bundle of audio from peckham. london
West Friends
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3x 12" Vinyl US 05.11.15
as days prolong darker. walls come seeping in for the solitary resident. a collection of early legowelt tracks. found on old dusty tapes assumed a long time gone. all tracks recorded between 1992-1997. first time ever on vinyl and fully remastered. pressed on three slices of 155 grams black wax and inserted in black sleeves with an eerie story.
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24.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
repress - please note new artwork - nine of the densest ambient and meditative music pieces since the dawn of music!! sounds both extremely of this time. and of no time whatsoever. monolithic and stark but extremely warm. intensely personal. and for every one in every which way. we are very happy to present to you -for those of you who have never (and also those who have). an album by huerco s.
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20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp D 23.11.16
“schaum” ist das zweite album des japanisch-deutschen duos masayoshi fujita und jan jelinek. seit ihrem debüt haben die beiden auf der ganzen welt improvisierte konzerte gespielt. der vibraphonist fujita präpariert dabei sein instrument mit verschiedenen anderen percussion-instrumenten sowie metallgegenständen und spielzeug. während jan jelinek loops übereinander schichtet und dicht verwobene synthesizer-flächen ausbreitet.
die vinyl-lp erscheint inklusive downloadcode.
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21.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.11.16
sirens is the highly anticipated second full-length lp from nicholas jaar. the chilean-born electronic music producer. mixing engineer and dj. which comes out on october 14. 2016 via other people/kobalt. a prolific artist with a wide palette of talents. jaar spent his teenage years in dance music circles in new york city. where he now resides. in 2011. he released his debut album. the critically-acclaimed space is only noise. in 2012. he was contributed to bbc radio 1’s prestigious ‘essential mix’ series. winning ‘essential mix of the year’. in 2013. matador released the debut album from darkside. jaar’s project with his friend dave harrington. the band toured the record with a giant. rotating circular mirror. with key performances at primavera sound and coachella. other notable projects by jaar include from scratch. a live concept first developed for moma ps1. pomegranates. an ambient record and alternate soundtrack to the armenian film the colour of pomegranates. and the original soundtrack for dheepan. a thriller by the french filmmaker jacque audiard about a family of sri lankan refugees living in the suburbs of paris. dheepan won the palme d’or at cannes in 2015. jaar is the founder of the new york based imprint other people. releasing music and spoken word by a diverse group of artists ranging from lydia lunch to ezekiel honig.
Other People/Kobalt Label Services
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TOPP003 (LP)
12" Vinyl NL 21.12.17
Music For The Other People Place
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12" Vinyl NL 02.02.18
sliding windows is a creation by karl bult diving into the world of ambient and deeper techno embraced with a collaboration between jana sleep. fjäder & korridor. together we create this space of sounds that will open the window to the second release on nordanvind.
Nordanvind Records
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 23.03.18
first album of the talented eva geist. a journey into the deepness of her enchanting music. a world full of fantasy. this is probably one of the most singular. surprising and brilliant electronic project in the genre at the moment. and amazing artwork by the genius maria torres
Macadam Mambo
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19.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp ES 26.05.17
you re alone and you close your eyes. don’t imagine figures of light. make the darkness conscious. it becomes deeper. not eyelids anymore. and then something is around you. but you can’t open your eyes. you’re deep inside them. merge into oneness. not bright above not dark below. something with has no echo. waves and motion. not space and time. if a tree falls in a forest where no one is listening. does it make a sound? there are no signs in the snow. why this dream of something cold? the world is blue at its edges. the colour of that which can never be possessed. blue flames. deep ice. twilight. how do you observe yourself without knowing that you’re looking? the other side of your face. why don’t you let the gap be a gap? i was afraid there was too much space. when you stop focusing the image appears. everything seen at once. turn yourself into a point to get behind the surface. a messenger between two worlds. the hidden meaning behind alchemy: to be born again. you’re not born into this world but out of it. travel by heat. words are too slow. sound knows how to get around edges. wiser than light.
Earth Explorer
International Sun
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21.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl + mp3 D 22.05.17
incl download code . static motion. joyous hope pierced by doubt and anxiety. the ever fading memories of life-changing experiences. longing and craving for a moment long gone. an apothecary dream resembling pharmaceutical peace of mind. originally released by noorden in 2016 as a limited of run of only 50 cassettes. this release represents a more ritualistic. melancholic and intimate side of neozaires ethereal ambient and post-electronica sound. this special vinyl re-release includes an exclusive remix by uk producer synkro. vinyl tastes better…
Fauxpas Musik
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.07.17
the second edition of vicarious memories by these hidden hands realises 5 finely crafted remixes of last years expansive lp of the same title. this version features powerful reworks from telefon tel aviv. hypoxia. lustmord. jk flesh and death in vegas. telefon tel aviv offers up his reinterpretation of glasir a solemnly disconcerting reduction of the original flooded with warmth. depth and space. this is followed by a contribution from hypoxia aka the illustrious drumcell. who makes his mark on the beautiful vocalised track telepath. imparting a heavy sense of melancholia and depth on to the listener. a dark atmosphere is woven by lustmord on his remake of socotra. with its enveloping celestial melodies and ominous reverberating drones that unfold throughout. jk flesh boosts the energy of the release with his distinguishably distorted mix of industrial. dub and power electronics that shuffle and roll the listener along this spectrally bright reincarnation of dendera light. british producer death in vegas embraces the mystical facet of angkor. patiently exploring serene soundscapes with much depth and colour.
Hidden Hundred
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 09.02.18
q/r features the reissue of rug-composed by chen yi (1982) (previously played by vladimir ivkovic. helena hauff) among others quality new wave. electro pop. industrial tracks composed by neud photo. automatenfall. beta evers & dora gerl as severe sisters. bb&ss. denis frajerman & william bope project the blizzard sow + an exclusive latvian piece from 1988 (19 gadi pirms sakuma). illustration by den haag based a. blokdijk (salò mentale) it s about weird electro. new wave. industrial. synth pop and dark psychedelic musik. it includes a remastered version of chen yis 1982 workrug. but also unreleased track from beta evers & dora gerl as -severe sisters-. denis frajerman & william bope project. the blizzard sow. an industrial/rock track recorded by a new band from berlin. called automatenfall... a new track from usa based artist neud photo. a cosmic electro track from mysterious bb & ss and an exclusive latvian piece from 1988 (19 gadi pirms s&#257..kuma)
Melodies Souterraines
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17.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.03.18
for release #2 kontrapunkt makes a journey into different fields of electronic music. french based producer octave diesis delivers an album full of melancholic yet thoughtful neoclassical songs. the songs live mostly from the enigmatic piano melodies paired with some well-thought synthesizer sounds he composed. expect ambient environments and dramatic. soothing layers.
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12" Vinyl NL 08.02.18
fully sonic. percussive & heavily dubbed skeletal tribal-acid-techno with hints of industry as well as digital insects fills dj sotofett’s a-side. juxtaposing rumble and lightness the drone landscapes of vera dvale features merel laine on vocals travelling through the mix & narration of the b-side’s entire 13 min. rather than flabbergasting this split 12” presents the core wania sound!
in stock
10.99 EUR *
2x 7" Vinyl BE 21.03.18
limite edition of 250 copies on double 7 inch vinyl. braublff is an archival piece with exclusive work by the legendary gerhard rühm. arf arf. alessandro bosetti and tomomi adachi.
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12" Vinyl D 08.09.17
it’s been 3 years since the last basic soul unit ep on lab.our and the label co-head is back to top form! loose. melodic and funky. the toronto producer stretches his legs across 4 tracks in this kaleidoscopic gem of an ep. on a1 is ‘behavoural issue’. a frenetic. crunchy and off-kilter number that will have you contorted in distortion with all arms and legs on the dancefloor. ‘rising over the east’ marches in next. a deep jacking head trip to the orient opium den with its endless arpeggiators. on the b-side. the heavy broken club banger ‘propulses’ harkens back to the glory rave days without mimicry. a basic soul unit interpretation with his undeniable footprint in the mix. ‘my heart skips’ turns the dial down several notches into deeper house terrain. the soulful ride begins as an easy cruise before deftly lurching into an odd rhythmic fractal workout that the producer has become known for. sealing an untouchable reputation in the world of broken soulful lo-fi techno. basic soul unit casts an even wider net to captivate audiences with this must-have ep.
Lab.our Music
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12" Vinyl FR 04.09.17
first ep of the label lowlife cartel. dissociative tones. texture of the sound and atmosphere sought here. more than melody. no boundary in genre but same sonic ethos. the two sides of the ep includes two tracks ambient/downtempo fitting with patient listening. three other. lofi tracks. and more efficient to play into clubs. face a starts with -nerve splicing- by telekommunist. also known as wpx7. face covered and steps muffled through a deadening blizzard of tape saturation and white noisey envelops that find a balance between deepening the sense of immersion and a retained groove. -kairu- by a. latif. affiliated to the experimental and elusive russian label john s kingdom. an arsenal of textures are employed. surrounded all the time by different kind of breeths carving out a growingly satisfying contrast between the shivery charm of its melodic line and the roughness of its elements. a rough diamond. face b. -kfs-. by vslds (present on the next cousin carl release. after kinway and voyd) is a delusional and abstract piece of lofi hip hop. setting skittish drums and heavily altered rapper vox sample. smothered against a grey-ish canvas of blurry. washed-out pads. this feels both playful and unhealthy. -gotta go fast-. by paul santangelo (venetian causeway). is marked with the very personal style of this artist who does his way across the ever effervescent lofi techno scene. the round. drag-shed bass. fits with an introspective melody and atmosphere. -every man has a woman who loves him-. by loophie (raw russians). surprises the listener at the end of the disc with a lofi house track sampled from john lennon. very effective in club. the czech lofi house videomaker moskalus edited a video of it on his youtube channel. 5 artists to follow.
Lowlife Cartel
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 08.11.17
scenario founder sebo k drops his debut lp - a seven track mini-album - entitled ‘patience’ on rekids in november.
reflecting on 15 years as a producer. sebo k has an admirable discography but recent years have been particularly exciting. the german producer’s continual rise includes recent releases on bass culture. robsoul recordings and tsuba. whilst his vinyl-only label scenario has been putting out wax featuring ian pooley. dj honesty. jus ed. dan curtin. dj deep and diego krause. having cemented a reputation for consistently quality house music. sebo k’s debut on rekids exhibits a refreshing sound from the established artist.
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19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.02.18
terekke drifts gracefully onto music from memory with a long player of looping ambient pad pressure. big tip! the recording of improvisational loops began in 2012 during yoga classes at body actualized center in nyc. in the spirit of past new age or minimal music. it aims to open up a space within the room giving the listener a chance to explore inward or outward. it was recorded using a digital synthesizer. reverb. and looper. terekke. january 2018
MFM 028
Music From Memory
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12" Vinyl D 16.03.18
freaky 3 track vinyl
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10.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 08.12.17
no doubt tom ellis has been one of our favorite producers for over 12 years. sharing music with him is always a blast whether its at a party. a festival or getting a hand on its latest tracks. this double ep gets you in a particular mood. through these 8 tracks tom shares an intimate experience and brillantly merges house. jazz. minimal techno. plus a touch of acid and ambient. experience deep and mindful music you only get a chance to enjoy once in a while.
in stock
19.99 EUR *
TOPP001 (LP)
12" Vinyl lp NL 05.01.18
new project and new label from the creators of the fantastic 808 box. fundamental records. there are many details that make this project something really unique. these records will become classics if they are not already!. the music of every record is very special. also the artwork and the technic use to print each sleeve. but the concept behind this project something you need to understand. as you can read in the website everything is based in two factors: first. to provide the artist with complete anonymity in order to create in absolute freedom. second. to offer the listener the work of the artist without any external distortions. the use of words to describe or define music is a senseless task. most of the time the intention of descriptive text is not to shed light on the work of the artist. but rather to serve as a promotional tool to drive sales and increase recognition. this often has the unfortunate result of limiting the creator and his work. music is all we need. any other additives are completely dispensable.
Music For The Other People Place
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12" Vinyl. 180 g+mp3 D 12.03.18
stimming x lambert on kryptox. stimming x lambert have done an album together: exodus! this duo debut will be released on the new berlin based kryptox label on 9th march 2018. kryptox is the new label for neo -jazz/kraut/classical music my by gomma and toy tonics founder mathias munk modica. stimming is one of the main names in german advanced techno. he first appeared to the public with cooperations with david august and solomun on diynamic records. later he did orchestral techno works and is by now one of the leading names in his genre. lambert is one of the rising starts of german neo-classical music. the pianoman with the mask. after 3 albums (some recorded with little help by niels frahm) he is selling out venues all over europe. together stimming x lambert created a new approach on postmodern. romantic. krauty electronica mixed with classical piano elements
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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
apollo presents a sublime mini album from melbourne duo albrecht labrooy aka sean la brooy and alex albrecht which will appeal to fans of suzanne kraft. tornado wallace and dawn of midi. the release is inspired by a visit to the beautiful wilson s promontory. a remote national park on the south east coast of australia. the tracklisting runs from morning through to nightime and tries to capture the feeling of each snapshot in time. their music is a delicate fusion of ambient electronic textures. live instrumentation and field recordings gauzy guitar melodies. dreamy synth arpeggios and throbbing rthymic pulses that feels equally at home in outdoor amphitheatres as well as dark nightclubs alternating between their cosmic/balearic deep house and more laid back introspections. tidal rivers gorgeously lush sounds are remarkably consistent rich. warm and organic with an emphasis on atmosphere and the transportation of the listener. each track was the fruit of albrecht labrooys long improvised jamming process heavily involved in their local scene. the duo co-run the analogue attic imprint. championing this gentler side of electronic music in australia which has proven a fertile incubator for their own development. across a series of ambitious and ear catching eps. alongside local cohorts such as sleep d. rings around saturn and udmo. this involvement also extends to including local players on their recording sessions as well as their cosmic live shows. the tidal river album includes a quartet of jazz musicians including label-mate matthew hayes on bass guitar. guitarist oliver paterson. spanish cajon courtesy of joseph batrouney and night time saxophone debut by josh kelly.
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12" Vinyl D 09.03.18
do you remember groove la chord? well. we dive into similar rave territories with johannes albert and his generators. some might call it peak time stormer. endless arps warped into nasty basslines is what we manage on minilogue. yeah its kind of a tribute to a silver machine. please wait for the break. though. calming things down with a skit of ambient. well. 2018. bring it on!
Frank Music
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10.29 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 05.03.18
repress. clear vinyl - green cover
the ambientist hurled oneself into adventures with his own 90 s interpretation of ambient. leftfield. breakbeat and uk electronica.
for fans of traumprinz or rising sun
TAMBT 1 - 6
Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
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11.99 EUR *
LIFEFORMS (180G 2X12 LP + MP3)
2x12" Vinyl D 26.01.18
remastered vinyl re-issue of the 1994 double album by experimental electronica group the future sound of london. with time. it has become their best-known album and is considered to be an important and influential classic of avant-garde electronic music.
comes on 180 gram double vinyl with download code included.

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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26.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 21.03.18
about this release *first 10 tracks only come with the limited edition nijmegen s eshu welcomes co-founder ivano tetelepta for his first solo release on the label. it is also the imprint s first full length. but tetelepta s second album after the hypnotic drum workout that was true colours. his debut on fear of flying in 2012. it comes as a double vinyl release with the first disc being limited. and finds the producer casting himself free from the dance floor and serving up a beautifully atmospheric soundtrack that would be a perfect companion for a nature documentary. when making eps and 12-s. tetelepta s smooth and infectious drums are always front and centre in his work. whether solo or as producing with label mates under the eshu alias.
ESHU Records
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10.29 EUR *
EARLY TAPE WORKS (1986-1993) VOL. 1 (LP)
12" Vinyl D 25.01.18
the japanese producer and dj kuniyuki takahashi is the subject of music from memory’s latest retrospective compilation with early tape works - 1986-1993. composed of two volumes. the compilations gather together a selection of tracks from a tiny run of privately released tape only albums. highlighting a fascinating early period in kuniyuki’s musical output. one of which little is known.
MFM 027
Music From Memory
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12" Vinyl UK 05.02.18
cosmic handshakes sees the pairing of 2 extremely talented detroit natives - blair french & todd modes - who take elements of disco. techno. jazz. house. afrobeat. latin music. dub and electronics and filter them through their own unique view of dance music. steeped in soul. live instrumentation. sampling and analogous alchemical studio processes. french & modes give us an exhilarating and fresh take on the deepest smoked out. after hours sounds of the city of detroit. in the mist is the duo s second release. following on from 2013 s the delicate details . released on the m1 sessions imprint. the last 2-3 years has seen the pair individually release music on a plethora of varied and esteemed global labels such as fit sounds. claremont 56. rocksteady discos and more. we at gghq are very excited to finally share with the world what we feel is hands down one of our favourite releases yet. a compelling body of work from front to back. the tracks on in the mist work perfectly as a self contained home listener. or as we ve found. just as well on a darkened dancefloor. leaving the choice up to you. the listener.
Going Good
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15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.03.18
further concrète explorations from the second generation of forward-thinking sonic auteurs that would push the boundaries of experimental music known collectively as the groupe de recherches musicales - founded by the father of musique concrète. pierre schaeffer - which has influenced generations of artists across the world.
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22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.03.18
a newcomer on the label’s lineups. mary delivers a distinctive balancing act between bleepy ambient listening and free thinking. heart-rending. dancefloor material. river is an invitation extended to listeners to lose themselves in sound with light tones. graceful harmonics. and smart rhythms. running through idm inflexions. ambient sound baths and low-key house hypnotics. it’s music that seems to have fallen out of time. river is an invitation extended to listeners to lose themselves in sound with light tones. graceful harmonics. and smart rhythms. running through idm inflexions. ambient sound baths and low-key house hypnotics. its music that seems to have fallen out of time.
Kann Records
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10.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 02.03.18
* 20.03.2018 back in stock * excellent remix package . incl remixes from kiasmos. sebastian mullaert . scb. kettenkarusell. rødhåd. monolg.woo york. antigone. alva noto...
180gr + download card including
Deutsche Grammophon
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29.99 EUR *
2cd UK 02.03.18
copenhagen. the new album from stillhead mixes experimental. cinematic and futuristic dub. glimpses of drum & bass and his trademark deep. expansive. intricate sound. immersive and wide-screen electronica meets ultra-tight percussion with a variety of vocals peppered throughout. alongside a full album of original tracks. there are a host of incredible remixes which bring the sounds of stillhead that little closer to the dance floor. bop. hatti vatti. versa. tonik ensemble. mr. roque. generate. other spectrum and another channel all bring their unique sounds and production genius to the table taking their remixes in a range of new directions. the album is stillhead’s document of his year spent living in the danish capital.
Brightest Dark Place
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10.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 02.03.18
liam blackburn’s ancestral voices project has been consistently hard to pin down to any genre as he progresses through his new musical experiment. taking hunks of his formative style developed as indigo and stretching it into uncharted forms. most of his new work is underpinned by a skill at sound design that has endeared him to the sync community and recently saw his music soundtracking a trailer for paramount pictures 2018 thriller ‘a quiet place’ to launch his own label ‘the fifth kingdom’. liam has stripped away the rhythms and percussion entirely for a full 6 track ambient release that soars and glides on a bed of cloud like haze. a soundtrack for flotation. mycelia opens an exciting new outlet for conscious music from one of electronica’s more daring creators.
The Fifth Kingdom

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 9.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 23.03.18
3 years on. and after their first critically acclaimed album on versatile. five steps (aka jonathan fitoussi and clemens hourrière). who have been likened to the godfathers of the synthesizer genre (think suzanne cianni. françois bayle or morton subotnik and you re almost there!) are back with espaces timbrés a brand new episode in their exploration of the legendary modular synthesizer - the buchla. specially crafted for versatile records. after 2 years of tireless work. ever pushing and furthering their musical research. fitoussi and hourrière reveal to us new territories. textures. sounds and feelings to explore with the help of the equally legendary i:cube on mixing duties to add even more sonic reflections and mixing desk wizardry. this one s a hyper-jump into the future made possible through a machine from the past. giving birth to those most captivating of electronic mantras... dive in. the water s warm!
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12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
chreal01 is the debut project by scottish producer chaotic reality exploring a meditative side to techno. written over the course of several months spent living in new york as a resistance to the frenetic pace of a busy environment. chreal01 contains four tracks that repeat. oscillate and soundtrack a more centred existence. inspired by shinichi atobe. avalon emerson. newworldaquarium / ross154 & the 7th plain. each track in this self-released record is named after its sequence and operates on a slower tempo. focussing on melody and sound design. with aim to investigate the space between dub techno and early trance. track one opens with gentle dancing chords developing over 7 minutes. with subtle nods to echospace and black dogs otaku over a punchy kick and warm sub. reverb-licked stabs pass softly in and out the mix and ride over a homogenous chord range. highlighting points in the melody and meandering back into the ether. two has an introspective focus. rarely reaching more than two kicks per four bars. an arpeggiated lead centres the composition. slowly developing over a thick bassline. distant snaps and pops season the track and highlight the empty breathing space intentionally left in the production. on the b-side. three is characterised by heavily saturated kicks softly thumping under a bubbling melody. broken by echo-delayed stabs varying in form. filter depth and feedback timing. on the closing song four. chaoticreality develops and sculpts a stack of delayed chords creating a progressively elevating soundscape. the lead melody chords layer and discord changing thickness. shape and form throughout with pseudo kicks acting as a complimentary melody. here. cr plays with space to creating a hypnotic spacial production akin to digital justice or the orb. with the intention to take the listener to a transcendental state. chreal01 is housed in a popset sleeve & hand stickered
Chaotic Reality
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12" Vinyl ES 14.07.14
nice price deal !!! man invented the machine and from its circuits music with soul was created. > soul machine< is about rediscovering the creative ritual between man and its machines. the man is helder russo and he will drive you through a futuristic motor city soundtrack with an atlantic feeling. > soul machine< is a kind of techno rebel record. in a sense that its not a product of the industry. its rather the soundtrack for an imaginary society. with soul as the unifying element between men and technology. the type of record that mojo could play in his fabled radio show and make people connect through music. in fact this is very much about connecting. with the machines. with sounds and with each other. its about the endless ritual of creation and the challenge to transcend time and leave an inspirational mark. helder russo did his job. now make sure you appreciate the many hidden layers of this special record.
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12" Vinyl lp UK 30.04.12
nice price deal !!! real name dan griober. dan habarnam has been active since the 90s. doing production for romanian pop artists while also working on his own projects. his solo catalog is pretty slim. with just a few appearances on drum & bass labels like santorin and subtle audio. but from the known is clearly the work of an experienced artist: though loosely anchored in techno. ambient and bass music. its stylistically open-ended. and produced with an audiophiles attention to detail. according to the label. groibers meticulousness extended to the mastering process as well (the cd. for instance. was recorded direct from the vinyl to achieve that special analog feel)
Exit Records
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12" Vinyl UK 24.04.12
nice price deal !!! reclusive spanish experimental guitarist from tenerife drops atmospheric debut ep. think durutti column meets hyperdub. ace house remix from bristol–based arkist (hotflush/applepips).
Buzzin Fly
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