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12" Vinyl NL 26.10.18
there is a point where memory and vision meet. the point where sparks and vertigo are produced and where imaginary landscapes produce sounds and visions. from this friction of times and places are born the music of the common series 07 (las canchas). star maps, existential paths, fables and planetary vision are filtered in the living mixer of the producer marco erroi and returned in the form of soundscapes, sudden encounters and lightning strikes, beyond the known places. 200 limited copies!
Common Series
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12" Vinyl NL 22.06.17
new common series with some fresh stuff!
Common Series
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7" Vinyl NL 04.05.17
fifth release of the common series. cs 05 (tirane) is dedicated to migration and to all identities, it is the celebration of the meeting between marco erroi, the producer, and albanian tenor edmond lila, who arrived in italy with the first landings in the 90 s. world music with opera contamination in the main track, gothic and dark atmospheres on the b side. 250 copies hand numbered only on vinyl.
Common Series
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12" Vinyl NL 14.01.16
fourth release in the common series with a tribute to their home country. a collection of abstract pieces and soundscapes with ethnical roots which almost sound as if they have been made for a movie and trippy techno and acid. limited edition of 200 copies!
Common Series
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12" Vinyl NL 23.07.14
limited edition of 250 numbered copies.
it is claimed that three is the perfect number. many fields of human thought have reasoned concerning this number: religion, literature, philosophy. it is an easy number to reach but difficult to cross. once you cross the three everything takes other forms. it is a pass, there are those who will perish and those who stops and observe. some believe that their work is finished there. but there are also those who consider it the closest point to the sky and the stars and draw the strength to continue their work.
Common Series
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12" Vinyl D 14.03.14
second release for common series. vinyl only, 200 copies limited worldwide.
Common Series LTD
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12" Vinyl D 04.06.13
limited to 200 pieces. it is the beginning of a new journey, among trees and clouds, earth and sky, thrown in a frame that captures the essence of a new musical experience. common series is proud to present the first sound interpretation and the fulfillment of the vinyl dream.three tracks of pure poetry, a natural walk towards the research of another half, the artificial one. limits and boundaries are destroyed and reinvented to achieve an oasis where nothing else matters if not the past stories.
Common Series LTD
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