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1. lucky look
2. erich bogatzky & volt.mar remix - lucky look
3. look lucky

Berlin based avant-garde label MINIMOOD reach a historic milestone with another top drawer release, this time featuring two tracks from the superlative ZIGGY KINDER and an amazing first remix release from two of MINIMOODs very own co-founders, ERICH BOGATZKY & VOLT.MAR.

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Berlin’s Minimood continues its foray into the realms of quality techno and tech inspired house following up recent stellar releases from Gregorythme and Fusiform & Mark Henning with this outstanding single from Cologne based Ziggy Kinder. Kinder is a producer that has been key in the success of Matthias Schaffhauser’s Ware and Tiefschwarz' Souvenir label providing a string of superb singles that have seen him forge his place amongst Germany’s musical elite.

For his debut single on Minimood Kinder kicks off with the wonderful ‘Lucky Look’; the infectious and uplifting melody bounces and warps its way through the airspace luring you in for more. ZIGGY KINDER’S gravity defying magical touch finely reinforces MINIMOOD’s hallmark sound of seemingly careless simplicity camouflaging underlying musical genius. An outstanding dancefloor track that is already a hit with Dj’s everywhere.

The original is followed by an excellent remix from Minimood’s own Erich Bogatzky and Volt.mar. Stripping the original back into more dubbed out minimal territory, the lush incidental melody stabs and wriggling clavs craftily blend for maximum seduction. Mysterious, edgy and slightly anxious, this new production team are already showing themselves to be masters of mood manipulation.

Finally Kinder closes the packaged with the alternatively titled ‘Look Lucky’, where he moves into darker club territory with this chugging monster. Drawing inspiration from classic techno forms but unbound by its rules, its classic old school groove is projected into more unpredictable contemporary territory through a bleep infested melody and some mind bending jittery and unpredictable percussion to form an irresistibly funky product. Pure quality.

Minimood continues to impress at every turn and this single is certainly no exception.
(added: 2010-03-04 15:38:16 )
Alex Flitsch: lovely release, really enjoying every track!
Laurent Garnier: i like Look Lucky - Nice funky track - Will try it out.
Peter Kruder: like Lucky Look Original. Deep and trippy. Will play this.
Mathias Schaffhäuser: unique as always. great originals, moody remix.
Mr. G: the remix swings nicely
Dario Zenker: Nice one!
Gunjah: sooo deep, sooo nice, give it to me!
Terry Francis (Fabric): like all!!!
Patrice Bäumel: well done material
Annie Errez: I really like all three, will be very useful for warm ups. The Erich Bogatzky and Volt.mar remix is ace. Nice and fresh sounding. thanks!
Andrew Grant: the original mix is sexy underlining gem...nice space and depth
Nicole Moudaber: Erich Bogatzky remix is my fav here.
DJ Emerson: lovin this chunky bass music
Dubfire: download
Jennifer Cardini: like it.
Matthias Vogt / Motorcitysoul: i'm in a minimood! nice new angle.
Sei A: Lucky Look / Look Lucky are both great. Thanks A.
Joseph Capriati (Drumcode): look lucky is nice!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for R Hawtin
Chris Fortier: like originals of lucky look and look lucky, will play.
Oliver Klein: very good tracks
Maik Loewen: Beautiful beats and atmospheres! Very nice my friend!!!
Joachim Spieth (Kompakt): cool.
James Teej (Rekids): look lucky will be nice for my deeper sets. interesting groove
Alland Byallo: Ziggy's always been the real deal. This EP is no exception! I love it! Look Lucky is amazing
Arno Gonzalez: Look Lucky is nice.. good groove.; Thanks !
Markus Guentner: i like lucky look the most. an absolutely good made track. but look lucky is also great. very good feeling stuff !!!
Brendon Moeller: look lucky is quite nice
Fra Soler: nice and deep!
Orde Meikle / Slam: nice shit - cool and funky.
Martin Eyerer: look lucky is cool!
Fraenzen Texas / The Cheapers: i will play lucky look! thx
Gebruder (Freelancer): This ep is awesome. Lucky Look is massive! Weird sounds
Hugo (minimaland): Great release.
Thaddeus (De:bug): lovely 12"
Jez Torrance (IDJ): Rather nice
Jay Kilka (Traffic Mag): nice ep
Guy (4clubbersnet): Really like this one
(added: 2010-03-04 15:39:01 )
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