The Album (CD)
The Album (CD)


Ytre Rymden Dansskola


The Album (CD)


Full Pupp / fpcd003

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1. 1001 natt
2. haraball
3. kjappfot
4. khaluha madness
5. norlys
6. boogie bus
7. magadrag
8. afterski
9. u-sving
10. bange anelser
11. over ut

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A good 3 years in the making we’re proud to announce the 2nd artist album on Full Pupp and the debut of Norway’s flaming hot and unpronounceable Ytre Rymden Dansskola. (or “Outer Space Dance School” if you have to know)… Hailing from the Telemark region a few hours south from Oslo, Marius Våreid and Jarle Bråthen has slowly but surely staked out a name for themselves in the new “disco” section of low slung house. Introduced to the masses through Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Essential Mix on BBC a couple of years ago then further establishing themselves with remixes, solo releases and a couple of nice 12’s on FP. The guys themselves lazily describe this as “deep sea diving-tropical island/cosmic/space/contemporary disco". We’d like to add a tad of Richard Hardcastle, Richard Hewson, Rah Band, Cybotron to that. There’s an ear to detail, melody and arrangement which you often don’t find in these new “disco"releases. They might plod along and sound functional on your discotheque floor but that’s not all that they do… Marius and Jarle are currently working on both their solo releases(forthcoming on Full Pupp) but there’ll be a couple of 12’s dropping from the album including remixes from some of our favourite norwegians.
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