Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo (Onra / Buddy Sativa)




All City Dublin / ACYBCDX1

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1. universe is love
2. ufo paradise
3. dark karma
4. 360
5. the muse inside
6. endangered species
7. honey, hash, rose
8. the garden of heavenly delights
9. the time is now
10. cos(x)
11. untitled (afrojazz)
12. wandering, wondering

12 track spiritual, deep jazz album from Parisian producer Onra and friend - fellow producer, composer and arranger - Buddy Sativa..TIP!!

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Combining as the Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo this LP may be a surprise to followers of Onra, while Buddy Sativa will be known to some via his own 2011 jazz leaning LP "Deus Ex Machina" on Favorite Records. There they collaborated on their first jazz track - "Indica". Pleased with the results they carried on, keeping it simple and adhering to straightforward play-more-jazz stylings they have crafted this LP over sessions sandwiched between their assorted commitments over the last two years. Opening the LP "Universe is Love", a shout to Lonnie Liston Smith, is the first track they created under the new no-rules-spontaneity rules. The rest of the LP was created in a similar vein - a drum pattern for tempo or a bassline for tone and layering instrumentation repeatedly on top. Mistakes allowed and encouraged! Spoken word from Brooklyn poet Aja Monet on "The Time is Now", otherwise it's an instrumental trip. So Yatha Bhuta - as it really is, insight, a mix of experience and spontaneity, an album not created for release, more a liberating, therapeutic break from their other oft constraining aliases. Jazz because they like it and not for the sake of it, a chance meeting with the late Mati Klarwein's son at an exhibition in Dublin, led to the icing on the cake as the record is beautifully housed by the artists "Conceptual Tree" painting.
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