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Upon You

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1. echonomist - over mountains
2. deepa & biri - my garden
3. onno & marcus gehring - elephant parade
4. marco resmann - this song ft. soucie six
5. channel x - rodeo
6. acumen - two boxes three crosses
7. gunnar stiller - terje
8. marek hemmann - together ft. fabian reichelt
9. sid - oberheim
10. mathias meste±o - swashbuckler
11. re-up - blow up
12. marcus meinhardt - the other side
13. the cheapers - analogia

In just a few years time, Berlins Upon You has established itself as a leading figure in European club culture, not just as a label for its 35+ well received 12inch EPs, but also for its curated nights at world-renowned spots like Berghain, Watergate and Arena Club.

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In just a few years’ time, Berlin’s Upon You has established itself as a leading figure in European club culture, not just as a label for its 35+ well received 12″ EPs, but also for its curated nights at world-renowned spots like Berghain, Watergate and Arena Club. With their combined experience of producing, DJing and promoting, company founders Marco Resmann, Marcus Meinhardt and Hawks Grunert have formed a powerhouse whose´momentum shows no signs of slowing down. In spite of (and perhaps because of) its unpigeonholeable stylistic approach, Upon You has become a respected source for all DJs and clubbers in search of forward-thinking sounds, and now with its first full-length compilation, the label offers a succinct overview for both followers and newcomers. Upon You Diary No. 1 has been compiled by Marco Resmann (half of LunaCity Express) and is split into two parts: the first features 13 new, Exclusive tracks from the label’s roster including The Cheapers, Re-UP, ONNO and Mathias Mesteño. The second part, showcasing Resmann’s dynamic DJ ability, is meticulously stitched together using elements of 25 tracks from Upon You’s back catalog, including contributions by Holger Zilske, Catz ‘n Dogz, Mathias Kaden, Luna City Express and many other respected names. On the surface, the artists on Diary No. 1 clearly follow the tradition of techno and house music, but it’s clear that many of them use these forms as merely a starting point for further auditory exploration. From tropical acid and tribal grooves to somber dub and hypnotic minimal, it’s clear that Upon You doesn’t hold any purist attitudes, and in fact, cross-pollination is encouraged: check Channel X’s be-bop hoedown “Rodeo” and the laid-back blue-eyed funk of “Together” by Marek Hemmann. Diary serves as both an up-to-date survey of Upon You in 2010 as well as a reflection on its origins, with the knowledge that there are many blank pages to be filled out as we push forward into the future of dance music.
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Disc 1: CD1 - compiled by Marco Resmann - alle Tracks neu und exklusiv

1. Echonomist - Over Mountains
2. Deepa & Biri - My Garden
3. ONNO & Marcus Gehring - Elephant Parade
4. Marco Resmann - This Song ft. Soucie Six
5. Channel X - Rodeo
6. Acumen - Two Boxes Three Crosses
7. Gunnar Stiller - Terje
8. Marek Hemmann - Together ft. Fabian Reichelt
9. SiD - Oberheim
10. Mathias Mesteño - Swashbuckler
11. Re-UP - Blow Up
12. Marcus Meinhardt - The Other Side
13. The Cheapers - Analogia

CD2 - compiled, edited and mixed by Marco Resmann - ausgewählt aus dem Back-catalog 2007-2010

1. Chesperito - The Loot Phage - She’s The Limit (Dreamcatcher Mix) Gunnar Stiller - Cubicle The Cheapers & The Incredible Hochzeitsband - Muaäh
2. Santorini - Shadittz
3. Mathias Kaden - Namanii Gesha
4. The Cheapers - Caves
Acumen - Middle
5. ONNO - Common Sense
Marco Resmann - I Will Love ft. Mz Sunday Luv (Holger Zilske RMX)
6. Lee Jones & Daniel Dreier - A Man
Marcus Meinhardt - Mad Max (Super Flu's Home Sweat Home RMX)
Marco Resmann - São Paulo Lights
7. Channel X - Mosquito
Mathias Mesteño - Andrea
8. Luna City Express - CDG
Re-UP - Inside Us
9. Deepa & Biri - Hova
10. Catz 'n Dogz - Twardzioszek
Empro & Miko - Running Man
11. Guido Schneider & Jens Bond - In Order To Dance
12. OEl & Polygon - I Hate The Grid
The Cheapers - Hey Victor
The Cheapers & The Incredible Hochzeitsband - Muaäh
13. Channel X - Old Candy (Ruede Hagelstein RMX)
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