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2x12 inch lp
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1. count machuki — more scorcha
2. prince francis — rock fort shock
3. dennis alcapone — power version
4. dillinger — natty kung fu
5. jah scotchie — man of creation
6. jim brown — seen him
7. jah buzz — love in the arena
8. prince francis — street doctor
9. lone ranger — the answer
10. prince jazzbo — crime don t pay
11. brigadier jerry — every man a me brethren
12. big joe — version of rights
13. lone ranger — the big match
14. jah jesco — warning
15. prince far i — natty farmyard
16. charlie ace & scorcher — father and dread locks

For this Studio One release we return to the roots of Reggae music-The Soundsystem. Throughout the late 1950s and 1960s Soundsystems played throughout the city of Kingston, Jamaica. As well as Sir Coxsone s Downbeat Soundsystem other famous Soundsystem operators included Duke Reid (the Trojan), Prince Buster, Tom the Great and King Edwards. These Soundystems were the birthplace of much of Jamaica s musical culture ­ Soundclashes, Dancehall and the idea of the Toaster who sang over records- theDJ. As ever Clement >Sir Coxsone< Dodd led the field and so for this release the focus is on DJ s at Studio One and features legendary toasters such as Denis Alcapone, Dillinger and Prince Far I as well as a host of rare material by lesser known artists.

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2x12 Inch LP
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Also included is Count Machuki ­ the original DJ- the first man ever to speak over the mic-at Sir CoxsoneΉs Downbeat Sound System- from where it all began. As Steve Barrow (author of The Rough Guide to Reggae/Blood and Fire Records) writes in the sleevenotes, Jamaican deejay music is the source for all Rap music: From Count Machuki talking over records on Sir Coxsone's legendary Downbeat Sound System this style would eventually travel to America when the Jamaican-born Kool Herc began playing at Block parties (a version of the Kingston Soundsystem parties) in the Bronx. Cutting up rare-groove classics for the first B-Boys to rap over, Hip-Hop was born and theDJ music that had started on the early Soundsystems of Kingston would go on to conquer the world! Studio One Records is the original Jamaican record label. Studio One Records started the career of hundreds of Jamaican artists from Bob Marley to The Skatalites, from Horace Andy to The Heptones. Studio One DJs (compiled by Mark Ainley) is the next in the series of releases where Soul Jazz Records are showcasing the music of Studio One, the label that literally defines Reggae. Following on from Studio One Rockers, Studio One Soul and Studio One Roots, this release also comes as a CD-Rom with a taster from the Studio One Story, Soul Jazz Records forthcoming full-length documentary about Coxsone Dodd and Studio One.
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