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Sisterphunk / SISTER002CD

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1. yes giantess - tuff n stuff
2. bmx : war
3. solid gold - get over it
4. ou est le swimming pool - dance the way i feel
5. the golden filter - solid gold
6. micachu - golden phone
7. little pictures - this house can fit us all
8. rainbow arabia - holiday in congo
9. passion pit - ive got your number
10. frankmusik - done done

Hybrid Pop (except In One Case), Freshness, Air Du Temps (anxiety-tinted-cheerfulness?) and Slightly-twisted-lightness..

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1. Yes Giantess – Tuff N’ Stuff
2. Bmx : War
3. Solid Gold – Get Over It
4. Ou est le Swimming Pool : Dance The Way I Feel
5. The Golden Filter – Solid Gold
6. Micachu – Golden Phone
7. Little Pictures – This House Can Fit Us All
8. Rainbow Arabia – Holiday In Congo
9. Passion Pit – I’ve Got Your Number
10. Frankmusik – Done Done
11. The Antlers - Two
12. Teengirl Fantasy – Now That’s What I Call Volume 2
13. CfCf - Juno
14. Modernaire – Bloodshed In The Woodshed
15. Django Django - Storm
16. The Soft Pack - Extinction
17. Gentle Friendly – Sky Burial
18. S.C.U.M. – Second Sea

The Mission : Bring Together 18 International Hybrid Pop Breakthroughs For The Summer. For Who: Those Who Havent Made Their Way Into The Jungle Of The Web And Nouveautes In The Past Few Months. Fans Of Todays Pop & Rock. Those Who Like Unexpected Hits, And Who Generally Believe That Some Tracks Deserve A 15 Days Life Online. The Frame: Hybrid Pop (except In One Case), Freshness, Air Du Temps (anxiety-tinted-cheerfulness?), Slightly-twisted-lightness. The Base: A Compilation. Remember Keeping The Faith, Artificial Intelligence, C86, Respect For France, Source Lab... And The Effort Behind Your Own, Home Made Ball Pen Illustrated Mix-tapes. Compiling Its All About Sweat, Attention And Skills : Suspense, Respirations, Cliffhangers And (not) Happy Ending... This One Says It All On The Cover Artwork: Starting All Pop & Girly Then Progressively Twisting. You Will Notice That Every Sisters Support Are Illustrated By Different Pictures Of Virile Women And Other Men Accepting Their Femininity. Some Of Them Will Be Edited As Collectors Silk Screens And Might Get Exposure In Paris In July...come Have A Drink If Youre Around.
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