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1. deck the halls - little jimmy thomas
2. christmas is a drag - jimmy jones & his versatiles
3. gee whiz, it s christmas - the beginning of the end
4. jingle bells - rev. t.l. barrett ft. the youth for christ choir (part 1)
5. black christmas - don smith
6. xmas commercial blues - nancy lee ft. al johnson & soul-jers
7. lonely christmas tears - bobby allen & exceptions
8. a letter for christmas - salem travelers
9. snow (like the snow) - tina roberts
10. jingle bells cha cha - pearl bailey
11. what the world needs for christmas - meditation singers
12. snowmans stomp - steve gray
13. santafly - martin mull ft. the sondra baskin glee club
14. santa claus, jr. - jim cagle
15. merry christmas baby - short stuff

Limited edition of 500 copies in gatefold sleeve, including liner notes and label scans of all 45rpm singles. The majority of these songs appear on a full-length album for the very first time and are extensively remastered for premium sound quality.

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12 Inch LP
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To be honest, Christmas music on earthly radio seems to be the worst in the Milky Way. Just imagine an alien picking up our radio waves on his journey through the galaxy - what would he think of our conception of Christmas music? Having such an impression of our cultural heritage, would he land on planet earth at all? Being extraordinarily tolerant and broad-minded, Paul did - and luckily, I got to meet him.

Paul admits - unlike other extraterrestrials - that the human race might be able to survive on its own. This makes me appreciate him more than other aliens. And when it comes to exceptional musical taste, Paul and I have even more in common. In the past centuries, Paul has celebrated innumerable Christmas seasons across the universe. Of all things, this year it is planet earth that has something seasonal to offer - something the galaxy has never seen before. Yuletide nerd Jan Kohlmeyer has put together an amazing collection of hip-shaking Christmas songs. Despite Paul's advanced age and wealth of experience, he has never encountered such an impressive selection. Not in the entire universe.

Asking Paul about this compilation puts a big smile on his face: Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol. 2 is simply intergalactic! There is no better instruction manual for decorating the Christmas tree (Little Jimmy Thomas - Deck the Halls). It is a most righteous accompaniment to seeing the first snowflakes dancing through the air (Tina Roberts - Snow). Galactic garden gnomes will surely have a fling to Pearl Bailey's Jingle Bells Cha Cha Cha, and all Martians will be snapping their fingers to Gee Whiz, it's Christmas. At his 874th anniversary this December, Paul's grandad will get up and boogie to Martin Mull's Santafly just like Christopher Walken did in Weapon of Choice. Fortunately, Paul realised how crackbrained it is to celebrate Christmas without his beloved (Jimmy Jones & his Versatiles - Christmas is a drag without you baby), so he split to be back home in time and left me to pass on this farewell: Merry Christmas everybody!

Dr. Jule S. - Alien expert, November 2013
(added: 2013-12-05 16:35:42 )
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