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1. alex barattini - the cha cha (alex barattini original mix)
2. salvador antelo & jacobo garcia - miami remember (original mix)
3. dj dlg feat. giorgio moroder - from here to eternity (lenny fontana vs. the whiteliner mix)
4. phunk investigation - cradle of life (original mix)
5. nogales & maniera – trompetentanz (lenny fontana & the whiteliner remix)
6. jean claude ades vs. lenny fontana ft. tyra juliette – nite time (the whiteliner vs. lenny fontana mix)
7. mendo - aventuras
8. lenny fontana feat. freedom bremner - dream of life (big world & denis the menace club dub mix)
9. reboot - enjoy music (riva starr remix)
10. gregor wagner feat. karl frierson - talking about house (abel ramos meerbusch with love mix)
11. daniel bovie & roy rox - stop playing with my mind (dub)
12. brockman & basti m - sweet sexy housemusic
13. ron may - no jazz (david jones & neuroxyde remix)
14. gramophonedzie - why dont you (original mix)
15. salvador antelo & jacobo garcia - miami remember (original mix)

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Clubstar proudly presents Repbulik Ibiza´s first cd compilation. “Republik Ibiza” is a party concept born in 2009 and took place at the El Devino on Ibiza. The crew behind it is no other than the Salvacion Ibiza group, who are throwing events on the white island since over nine years. For the summer 2010 they make the next big coup and move with the Republik Ibiza Party to the legendary SPACE. They will have their residency there the whole summer every saturday.
An ice cold concept with style and influence from the old eastern block combined with 1940´s Pin Up Glamour on the one hand and perfect music and visuals on the other are the reasons that made this event so popular and famous.
Next to events on Ibiza, the party toured around the whole globe and took place in England, France, Spain, Portugal, Morroco, Tunesia, the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Dubai, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Brazil, Colombia and the USA.

The double cd was mixed & compiled by Lenny Fontana and Paul Darey, who are both Republik Ibiza resident djs. Lenny Fontana, from New York, was the first american dj ever who played on Ibiza and has till now released countless hit productions. His international breakthrough came with the song "What You Need" that was produced by him and was released under the name Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden. The track went from 0 to 15 in the US pop charts and to place 11 in the british and european charts. The year after he delivered another worldwide dance hit with "Chocolate Sensation". Another evergreen is his single „The Way“, that features the vocals of the legendary singer Octah'via from C+C Music Factory . That Lenny Fontana could also prove his quality as a dj goes without saying.

The Argentinean Paul Darey moved to Barcelona in 1988. There he played in all famous clubs like for example Catwalk & Discoteq. During summer Paul Darey is at home on Ibiza and was e.g. the first resident dj of Mambo Café. Other clubs he played are Roxy, Splash (New York), Pacha, El Divino (Ibiza), Goa (Rome), Blowfish (Jakarta), Nikki Beach (Las Palmas) and many others.

CD1 was mixed & compiled by Lenny Fontana. The Ibiza veteran delivers a driving set with tracks and remixes by artists like Alex Barattini , Salvador Antelo & Jacobo Garcia, Gregor Wagner feat. Karl Frierson and Brockman & Basti M. Riva Starr´s megahit remix of Reboot´s „Enjoy Music” is an board as well as Mendo´s Ibiza smash “Aventuras” and Bovie & Rox “Stop playing with my mind”. Of course Lenny Fontana ´s own productions and remixes can´t be missing!DJ DLG feat. Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity in the Lenny Fontana vs. The Whiteliner mix are on this disc and also Lenny´s remix of „Trompetentanz” , his track „Dream Of Life” and his coproduction with JCA “Nite Time”.

CD2 was mixed & compiled by Paul Darey, the Space Club resident from Barcelona delivers a slamming fiesta set with tracks & remixes by Hermanez, Stefano Noferini, Rob Mirage, DJ PP & Demian Muller, Noir & Westboy, Uner & Coyu and Lake & Lys´s “La Tromba” in a Riva Starr remix. Also Paul serves his own productions and remixes: his tracks „Mamita” in a Criminal Vibes Hot mix and „Wicked In Japan“ (together with Alan Lockwood).

It´s gonna be a long hot summer, so feel the spirit of the Republik Ibiza!

CD 1
1.Alex Barattini - The Cha Cha (Alex Barattini Original Mix)
2. Salvador Antelo & Jacobo Garcia - Miami Remember (Original Mix)
3. DJ DLG feat. Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity (Lenny Fontana vs. The Whiteliner Mix)
4. Phunk Investigation - Cradle Of Life (Original Mix)
5. Nogales & Maniera – Trompetentanz (Lenny Fontana & The Whiteliner Remix)
6. Jean Claude Ades vs. Lenny Fontana ft. Tyra Juliette – Nite Time (The Whiteliner vs. Lenny Fontana Mix)
7. Mendo - Aventuras
8. Lenny Fontana feat. Freedom Bremner - Dream Of Life (Big World & Denis the Menace Club Dub Mix)
9. Reboot - Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix)
10. Gregor Wagner feat. Karl Frierson - Talking About House (Abel Ramos Meerbusch With Love Mix)
11. Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox - Stop Playing With My Mind (Dub)
12. Brockman & Basti M - Sweet Sexy Housemusic
13. Ron May - No Jazz (David Jones & Neuroxyde Remix)
14. Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You (Original Mix)
15. Salvador Antelo & Jacobo Garcia - Miami Remember (Original Mix)

CD 2
1. Hermanez - Jahaaa
2. Marco G & Amin Golestan - Deadpool
3. David Herrero - Caprichosa (Original Mix)
4. Rob Mirage - We Are Deeper
5. Stefano Noferini – Papi (Original Mix)
6. Paul Darey - Mamita (Criminal Vibes Hot Mix)
7. Rob Mirage - I’ll Be Your
8. Paul Darey & Alan Lockwood - Wicked In Japan (Original Mix)
9. Lake & Lys – La Tromba (Riva Starr Remix)
10. Janika Tenn - Make This Groove (Mark Mendes House Remix)
11. Jesse Perez - Dale Que Tu Puedes (Original Mix)
12. David Pher feat. Sirak - Danzar
13. DJ PP & Demian Muller - Sibaritico (Original Mix)
14. Noir & Westboy - She’s Got My Heart (Uner & Coyu Remix)
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