Various Artists (mixed By Kelpe)




DC Records 103 CD

"depth charge - hronns intro
depth charge - hubba hubba hubba (knife in the bag); bounty killer iii (wheres the gold?)
alexanders dark band - bonus, colour; kelpe - skylla; audible - minal
the emperor machine - fear of woman
the oscillation - head hang low; greedy fingers - cutting progress; padded cell - beautiful gloom
kelpe - sickly situation; o.h. krill - seven up swing (cherrystones remix)
booze - insanity drive
depth charge - robotomo
padded cell - signal failure
the emperor machine - monkey overbite; no sale no i.d. (simian mobile disco version); the oscillation - head hang low (kelpe version)"

This mix precedes Kelpes brand new studio album >Cambio Weschel<, which will be released in October 2009!

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Close on the heels of the Death Before Distemper 3, which saw The Idjut Boys mix up the more discofied elements of the DC catalogue into a succulent melting pot, comes Part 4 in the series - a crunched up counterpart to the Idjuts mix that has been assembled by DC's own aquatic beat-monger KELPE.
Given the run of the label's catalogue, but with the emphasis this time on the earlier and more experimental side, Kelpe splices and dices material by DC protagonists old and new to create strange and unlikely hybrids. Moving rapidly through material (forty eight tracks are featured in around forty six minutes) the results are a beguiling mix that present the sounds of DC Recordings in some startling new ways…
The frenzied beats of Depth Charge's formative work rubs shoulders with the psychotic fury of Booze; the smooth glassy funk of Tom Tyler combines majestically with the atmospheric beats of Big Two Hundred; Octagon Man's proto-techno is fused with the cosmic pop of Higamos Hogamos…
This mix precedes Kelpe's brand new studio album “Cambio Weschel”, which will be released in October 2009, and forms the continuation of the Death Before Distemper series that began with the original 2006 compilation (DCR73), 2008's “Revenge Of The Iron Ferret” (DCR89) and the aforementioned Idjut Boys mix (DCR95) that was released in spring 2009.


1. Depth Charge - Hronns Intro
2. Depth Charge - Hubba Hubba Hubba (Knife In The Bag); Bounty Killer (Wheres The Gold)
3. Alexanders Dark Band - Bonus; Colour; Kelpe Skylla; Audible - Minal
4. The Emperor Machine - Fear Of Woman
5. The Oscillation - Head Hang Low; Greedy Fingers - Cutting Progress; Padded Cell - Beautiful Gloom
6. Kelpe - Sickly Situation; O.H Krill - Seven Up Swing (Cherrystones Remix)
7. Booze - Insanity Drive
8. Depth Charge - Robotomo
9. Padded Cell - Signal Failure
10. The Emperor Machine - Monkey Overbite; No Sale No I.D. (SMD Disco Version); The Oscillation - Head Hang Low (Kelpe Version)
11. Kelpe - Bread Machine Bred; Vincent Markowski - Dirty Capsules
12. Big Two Hundred - Kog; Depth Charge - Bounty Killer III; Arcadion - Arc
13. Tom Tyler - The Crippled Diode; Big Two Hundred - Drum Spell
14. Kelpe - Shipwreck Glue (Wes Coats Remix); Shipwreck Glue
15. The Orichalc Phase - Violations (Dub)
16.White Light Circus - Rocket Ride (Extended Version); Alexanders Dark Band - Dead Metal Dyno Rock
17. Vincent Markowski - False Flag
18. The Oscillation - Visitation (Exit); Kelpe - Yippee Space Ghost (Sidversion); Skye - Part One
19. The Emperor Machine - Pro Mars
20. The Octagon Man - Vidd
21. Higamos Hogamos - Infinity Plus One; Padded Cell - Triple X Syndrome (Depth Charge Remix)
22. Tom Tyler - Papa Fin
23. Deadly Avenger - Malpaso
24. Alexanders Dark Band - Tram Ride, Lord Calrec
25. Depth Charge - Ride
26. Tom Tyler - Carmel Conlcusion; Kelpe - Whirlwound (Stormy Version); Tom Tyler - Undupitably
27. Depth Charge - Desire
28. Higamos Hogamos - The Illuminoids
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