BNR VOL. 2 (3xCD)
BNR VOL. 2 (3xCD)


Various Artists


BNR VOL. 2 (3xCD)

Boys Noize

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1. jan driver - “golden super”
2. handbraekes - “callgurls”
3. strip steve - “stomp”
4. djedjotronic feat. spoek - “horror klub”
5. d.i.m. - “kleine träume”
6. boys noize - “jeffer” (modeselektor remix)
7. spank rock feat. big freedia - “nasty”
8. bart b more - “brap”
9. mixhell - “highly explicit” (brodinski remix)
10. scntst - “beachboy”
11. siriusmo - “i like my voice”
12. housemeister - “music is awesome”
13. erol alkan & boys noize - “waves”
14. spank rock - “dtf dadt” (sebastian remix)
15. shadow dancer - “parallax”
16. the faint - “battlehymn for children” (tensnake remix)
17. gonzales - “knight moves” (dj koze remix)
18. boys noize - “yeah”
19. shadow dancer - “soap”
20. strip steve - “dancin’”
21. jan driver - “gain reaction”
22. clp - “ready or not” (diplo vs. dj sega remix)

Available worldwide as a 3CD Digipak with an eight page booklet. On CD3 you can find a continuous DJ Mix by Shadow Dancer

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BOYSNOIZE REC. is finally growing up and is turning seven this year!An opportunity to sum up our long labelhistory and to celebrate another year of label-dom with the 2nd Volume of the infamous BNR Compilation, including well chosen tracks by labelboss Boys Noize himself. Since the first launch of BNR Vol. 1 back in 2008, the BNR fam has grown artistically and musically-wise…The love and blood our artists have given each one of those diamonds makes it possible to stand 101% behind in what we do and makes us feel confident. Take a listen and you’ll feel it too! With BNR Vol. 2 we’re giving back the unconditional attention and would like you to focus on some of BNR’s best trackrepertoire - featuring Jan Driver, D.I.M., Spank Rock, Siriusmo, Erol Alkan & Boys Noize, Chilly Gonzales, Shadow Dancer, Strip Steve, Djedjotronic, Housemeister, Handbraekes (Boys Noize & Mr. Oizeo) and many more. Plus remixes from Modeselekor, Brodinski, SebastiAn, Diplo… Available worldwide as a 3CD Digipak with an eight page booklet. On CD3 you can find a continuous DJ Mix by Shadow Dancer. Go down with us. Peace
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1: Jan Driver “Golden Super”
2: Handbraekes “Callgurls”
3: Strip Steve “Stomp”
4: Djedjotronic feat. Spoek “Horror Klub”
5: D.I.M. “Kleine Träume”
6: Boys Noize “Jeffer” (Modeselektor Remix)
7: Spank Rock feat. Big Freedia “Nasty”
8: Bart B More “Brap”
9: Mixhell “Highly Explicit” (Brodinski Remix)
10: SCNTST “Beachboy”
11: Siriusmo “I Like My Voice”
12: Housemeister “Music Is Awesome”
13: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize “Waves”
14: Spank Rock “DTF DADT” (SebastiAn Remix)
15: Shadow Dancer “Parallax”
16: The Faint “Battlehymn For Children” (Tensnake Remix)
17: Gonzales “Knight Moves” (DJ Koze Remix)
1: Boys Noize “Yeah”
2: Shadow Dancer “Soap”
3: Strip Steve “Dancin’”
4: Jan Driver “Gain Reaction”
5: CLP “Ready Or Not” (Diplo Vs. DJ Sega Remix)
6: Djedjotronic “Bit This Thin”
7: Bart B More & Harvard Bass “Listen To This”
8: Boys Noize “Transmission” (Mr. Oizo Remix)
9: Spank Rock “Birfday”
10: Housemeister “Who Is That Boys”
11: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize “Death Suite”
12: SCNTST “Cookin’ Dad” (Live Mix)
13: Strip Steve “Breakin’” (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
14: Mixhell “Antigalactic” (Mumbai Science Remix)
15: Lone “For Ed”
16: Les Petits Pilous “Bielle”
17: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize “Waves” (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake)
1: Various Artists “BNR Vol. 2 In The Mix” (Shadow Dancer DJ Mix)
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