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Reclaim Your City / RYC001

12inch full cover shrinked
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1. a1: subjected - nordkiez no.4
2. a2: blind observatory - beneath a steel sky
3. b1: antigone - blank slate
4. b2: zadig - the 700 steps of sleep

Originally a weekly broadcast radio show on the Dutch-based XT3 Radio, Reclaim Your City (RYC) gained its reputation as a highly acclaimed podcast series with its headquarters in Berlin. Since 2012, eighty-eight podcasts have been published from some of the biggest names in contemporary techno, Jeroen Search, Adriana Lopez, Fabrizio Lapiana, Exium and Jonas Kopp to name a few. With such success through its podcast series, RYC has decided to take matters to the next level and establish a label using its powerful concept as a platform.

For its first release RYC has decided to showcase Berlin and Paris, two cities historically known for placing great significance and expertise on the genre. Berlin, consistently home to a resonating techno culture, competes here with Paris who has been on the rise from beneath its bourgeois history. For this special first release Zadig and Antigone have been chosen to represent Parisian techno, as Blind Observatory and Subjected will in full support of Berlin.

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12inch Full Cover shrinked
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Constantly gaining momentum and strength, techno epicenters have erupted from under the surface showcasing talent from across the globe. With each release RYC will exhibit two influential cities in the underground techno sphere by carefully selecting two artists from each region who exemplify modern style as well as the vision of RYC. In combination with a strong passion for art, each release will feature original artwork based around minimal and obscure atmospheres influenced by the architecture of the featured city or region.

Bringing us the first track on the EP is founder of Vault Series, Subjected, a mythical yet distinctive figure in the Berlin scene. “Nordkiez – No. 4” is a heavy-hitter, escalating straight to the point hooking the listener with the drop of the needle. Common to the Subjected style, raw climaxing chords mingle with an echoing bass to send you straight to the dance floor. The second track on Side-A, “Beneath a Steel Sky” from Blind Observatory, brings you deep into another dimension with smooth spatial sounds that combine with piercing oscillations keeping the mind alerted. Yet again flying under the radar not offering much about his identity but a lot about his personality.

Both artists on Side-B hail from Parisian label Construct Re-Form, Antigone and label owner Zadig bring to us each an elegant exemplary of the label’s perspective. Antigone’s “Blank Slate” features a resonating variant melody, climaxing to a heavy bass with divergent static to catch the wandering ear. The final track on the EP by Zadig, “The 700 Steps of Sleep,” opens with a booming bass and ever so slowly crescendos into a foreshadowing array of mysterious reverberations.

This is just the beginning of an impressive journey for RYC; the collection will become a true celebration of underground techno around the globe.

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