USAAF AT WAR 1942-45(CD)
USAAF AT WAR 1942-45(CD)




USAAF AT WAR 1942-45(CD)


Trunk Records / cd41-029

glenn miller - i substain the wings
lorient u-boat - pen raid january 1943
memphis belle may 1943
ploesti oilfield raid august 1943
jersey bounce jr: medal of honor february1944
little friends: p-51 mustang escort june 1944
bertie lee: medal of honor may 1944
meldung ans reich: luftangriff
d-day: leaflet raid june 1944
d-day: c-47 troop carrier june 1944
cerbourg:p-47 air support june 1944
b-17 sahuttle raid to russia july 1944
normandy: b-26 marauder july 1944
supply mission to warsaw september 1944
ardennes: p-47 thunderbolt december 1944
362nd fighter group pilots december 1944
damaged b-26 marauder january 1945
b-17 flying fortress: baling out january 1945
berlin raid: flying fortress february 1945
berlin raid: mustang escort february 1945
b-24 liberator: rhine supply drop march 1945
b-17 flying fortress: raf service september 1941

CD41 is proud to present a unique new archive audio CD, USAAF At War 1943-45, featuring authentic actuality, interview and broadcast recordings from the Second World War.USAAF At War 1942-45 features 70 minutes of rare audio material recorded before...

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