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2x cd
luca & bruno – raindrops intro (original mix)
maya jane coles – something in the air (original mix)
sis – break down (original mix)
differentme – back to tomorrow (original mix)
iron curtis – goma (original mix)
eastmen – u dig (cassy & chris carrier remix)
jae b – vibe (original mix)
rhadow & ntfo – roots (original mix)
franck roger & mandel turner – after all (original mix)
oskar offerman – only my shorts (original mix)
&me – purple rain (original mix)
ray okpara – bounce to this (feat. obi jazz – original mix) – need for chicago (original mix)
slg – i love you but ive chosen disco (feat. smolny – original mix)
joris voorn – spank the maid (original mix)
nic fanciulli – movin on (original mix)
pol on – heavy rain (original mix)
lovebirds – the beast (original mix)
quell – joy (original mix)
jay haze & ricardo villalobos – fenlow (jay haze remix)
efron & piek – vous etes fou (original mix)
anonym – if every day was a sunny day (original mix)
humano – life (original mix)
vernon bara & igor vincente – don’t feel no way (original mix)
glimpse & martin eyerer – southern soul (jay shepheard remix)
mario basanov – up (original mix)
omar s – heres your trance now dance (original mix)

Feat. Tracks by Omar S, Joris Voorn, Lco Dice, Jay Haze, Guti, Iron Curtis.. Balance Music presents Balance 021 mixed by Nic Fanciulli. The Saved Records boss delivers a stunningly intricate mix that highlights his ethos as DJ and label owner. CD1, entitled simply Balance is a subtle and expertly crafted mix that balances a plethora of diverse tracks, often three at a time, to create an expansive but well focused journey. On CD2, Nic showcases the sound and ethos of his own Saved Records with a collection of records exclusive to the imprint. Whilst keeping the focus on quality house music, the mix highlights the diversity within the label with a discernable collection of tracks that straddle various styles, atmospheres and tempos – many of which will be available exclusively through Balance 021.

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2x CD
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