Suns Of Arqa




Emotional Rescue / ERC 033

"a1: acid tabla
a2: ""acid tabla (adrian sherwood remix)
b1: asian rebel
b2: asian rebel (hyphen collective dub)"

Emotional Rescue presents the final part of their Suns Of Arqa trilogy with two of their deepest world dubs in Acid Tabla and Asian Rebel. Capturing their fusion of folk, reggae and dance to perfection, these heavy vibrations are backed with pulsating remixes from Adrian Sherwood and The Hyphen Collective

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12 Inch
Dub Techno
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Following the success of the Brujo Magic (ERC002) and Muslimgauze Re-mixs (ERC013) in highlighting and reappraising the music of SoA, it is fitting to return to the band some 3 years later with a special EP putting two of their best tracks alongside subsequent remixes.

First appearing on their debut album, Revenge Of The Mozabites, Acid Rebel has appeared in many forms - celtic folk influenced original, dub and remixes. Here though is a special extended version, bringing all the best elements in to an ultimate version. Fiddle, harmonium, bass and piano all come together via the mixing controls of leader Wadada and the legendary Adrian Sherwood. Fitting then that the On U Sound founder would create a later master class of a remix of his own. Pushing the drums, bass and piano up in the mix to accentuate each parts role, before a breakdown putting the celtic influences through the echo chamber. This is the fundamentals of dub at it’s finest by a master of his trade.

Joining is possibly one of the band’s most twisted dance cuts. Having only appeared on the little known 1981 On U Sound compilation “Wild Paarty Sounds Volume One”, Asian Rebel has long been a secret play for the more discerning DJ. Picked by Trevor Jackson for his excellent recent Science Fiction Dancehall Classics release, here is finally presented on 12” for the first time.

With Wadada and Sherwood at the controls, this is an undeniable classic. Twisted to the extreme, bongo’s interplay, bass maxed deep in the mix to distortion, with otherwordly flute all riding skipping off kilter hats to mess with minds and feet. This is concluded with a unique dub retake by Wadada and friends via a new project - The Hyphen Collective. Taking the original further in to the dub chamber this is a smoker’s delight and worthy end to our collaboration.
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