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1. the origin
2. third of june
3. ferdinand feat. urzula amen
4. cherry bud
5. die taube auf dem dach
6. from one cell feat. urzula amen
7. die maechtigen
8. dylans theme
9. when im drunk
10. cherry blossom
11. uberblick
12. feeding seagulls

Freedom In My Hand/ A Pigeon On The Roof Diynamic Musics Newest Release, A Full Self-titled Album By Stimming, Once Again Shows Why This Labels Artists Are Some Of The Most Renowned In The Music Scene!

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Pacing through the snowy sand; white beaches that leave marks behind every step; Seagulls chirping, and suddenly a steady bass appears as waves crash onto the beach. A dream-like state begins, and as the beat sets in, you are lost in the sounds of Stimming. His new album was born in this very state of mind, on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, during a 5-week retreat from reality in the winter of 2012. “Stimming” is like a story, told by the maker and his music. Even without a direct storyline, listening to the album will leave you drifting off into another world, filled with extravagant characters and thoughts, New Release Information blossoming ideas and suspenseful moments. The contrast of traditional and modern, of colorful yet sinister, of the classical but still unheard compositions is the main focus of this album. These controversies are reflected in the album cover as well: bright waves surrounded by dark skies, a beautiful and enchanting cherry blossom placed upon two black, headless pigeons, bringing together elements that are not intended to be combined. These pigeons are the main theme of the track “Die Taube auf dem Dach”, a track that brings across the hope and dream of freedom. “Naked feet walking on sand/Gently senses awake” The album’s 3rd track “Ferdinand ft. Urzula Amen” delivers driving basses, Spanish guitar sounds and beautiful vocals by singer Urzula Amen, that emerge into multi layered harmonies, accompanied by enchanting synthesizer sounds.
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