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1. d1: finn johannsenpatrick cowley & jorge socarras - i remember
2. stefan goldmann - massenbach
3. patrick cowley & jorge socarras - soon (kink remix)
4. raudive - paper
5. stefan goldmann - beluga
6. raudive - brittle
7. slap - eden now (ricardo villalobos mix)
8. stefan goldmann - lunatic fringe
9. peter kruder - law of return
10. tuomi - expense of spirit
11. santiago salazar - arcade
12. elektro guzzi - android
13. namlook - subharmonic atoms (pépé bradock remix)
14. stefan goldmann - prefecture
15. patrick cowley - memory fails me (oni ayhun remix)
16. stefan goldmann - the maze part 3
17. stefan goldmann - massenbach
18. namlook - subharmonic atoms
19. stefan goldmann - prefecture
20. peter kruder - law of return
21. slap - eden now (ricardo villalobos mix)
22. stefan goldmann - lunatic fringe
23. patrick cowley & jorge socarras - soon (kink remix)
24. raudive - paper
25. tuomi - expense of spirit
26. patrick cowley - memory fails me (oni ayhun remix)
27. santiago salazar - arcade(stefan goldmann mix)
28. elektro guzzi - android
29. raudive - brittle
30. the maze – part 1
31. stefan goldmann - beluga
32. patrick cowley & jorge socarras - i remember

Two DJs, one tracklist - an innovative double DJ mix concept by the makers of Macro. Two DJs, one tracklist. Probably for the first time in the history of dance music a release focuses on extracting the pure sound signature of the DJ. When the tracks to choose from are limited to one playlist, the sequencing decisions and mix styles of the DJs reveal their individualities. As well as the different possibilities the music allows when formed into one continuous stream.Macrospective is the first conceptual double mix offering a 1 on 1 comparison of the art of DJing with two masters of the craft. But you’ll also love it for being a comprehensive retrospective of one of the most intriguing contemporary label catalogues in electronic music. The two mixes by Macro founders Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen highlight key works of the label (including poll winners The Maze, Law Of Return, Arcade & Lunatic Fringe), bringing out the versatility and individuality of each track.

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