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1. intro
2. oh my gosh - man like me
3. bullshit - ssion
4. royal family - free blood
5. lights and music (boys noize happy birthday remix) - cut copy
6. heaven (stab wounds remix) - hail social
7. belt loops (dirt lab remix) - the films
8. hunting for witches (ruckus roboticus remix) - bloc party
9. no more long years (the risk remix) - matt & kim
10. turn around (rudes etudes remix) - we are disco

Dj/producer/nightlife empresario, spencer product has been at the forefront of pro-gressive indie & electro music styles over the past decade. Spencers musical style of combining raw, punk attitude with a danceloor sensibility creates an energetic mix of progressive musical styles. Here we introduce, spencers debut dj compilation encapsulating that which has brought spencers dj sets so much attention. There is a wide spectrum of artists featured in the mix. From u.k.s finest, bloc party, man like me, to the newly highly claimed artists from down under, cut copy and muscles to the new york under-ground superstars, a.r.e. weapons, free blood and men to the more indie styles of the films, matt&kim and pop levi. As well as original material and remixes by spencers latest project, spencer product & the dirt lab. Together they create a highly diversified mix of new yorks downtown indie club culture.

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1. Intro
2. Oh my gosh - Man like me
3. Bullshit - ssion
4. Royal Family - Free Blood
5. Lights and Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix) - Cut Copy
6. Heaven (Stab Wounds Remix) - Hail Social
7. Belt loops (Dirt Lab Remix) - The Films
8. Hunting for Witches (Ruckus Roboticus Remix) - Bloc Party
9. No more long years (The Risk Remix) - Matt & Kim
10. Turn around (Rudes Etudes Remix) - We are Disco
11. Pick me up upper cut (Dirt Lab Remix) - Pop Levi
12. Junior (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Remix - Poney Poney
13. Running into time - Headman
14. Shake off - Men
15. Nightology - Spencer Product & The Dirt Lab
16. Badge Pin/Alright (Aeroplane Dub) - Muscles/Cobra Dukes
17. Copenhagen - Copenhagen Collective
18. Mannys Blues - A.R.E. Weapons
19. Impossible (Dan Deacon Remix) - The death set
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