Different Worlds Music Group / DWMG001LP

12 inch lp
- A1: Open Seas ft. Milano Constantine, O.C.
- A2: Billy Ocean ft. Hus Kingpin, Big Twins
- A3: Cheers ft. Hus Kingpin, Rozewood
- A4: Black Kings ft. Planet Asia
- A5: Infamous Minded ft. Big Noyd, Big Twins
- B1: Bosses ft. Conway, Roc Marciano
- B2: Geppetto ft. Evidence
- B3: Listen To Jazz ft. Your Old Droog
- B4: Just Rhyme Interlude ft. DaVillins
- B5: Peace God ft. DaVillins

Different Worlds Music Group/Fat Beats are thrilled to announce the LP and Cassette release of the latest album from Skizz (DJ Skizz), “Cruise Control,” which is Skizz’s 2nd official producer-album. Over the last couple years, Skizz has been working extensively with Your Old Droog, both producing and mixing his music, helping to propel the career of the young MC from Coney Island. He has also been touring with Droog, making beats for other noteworthy artists, and helping start a new label, Different Worlds Music Group. This will be the 2nd official release from DWMG, with the first being Timeless Truth’s critically acclaimed “Cold Wave” album released this past February. “Cruise Control is a progression for me sonically,” says Skizz. “This album takes you from where B.Q.E. left off- it’s still that raw boom-bap, but this album is a bit more laid-back and melodious. It just feels good, like you’re cruising with your lady and the cool breeze is blowing through your hair!” Skizz recruited a mix of veteran OG MCs (O.C., Planet Asia, Roc Marciano, Evidence, etc) as well as up-and-comers (Your Old Droog, Conway, Hus Kingpin, Da Villins etc.) to provide a sonically cohesive album that is set to be the official Hip-Hop soundtrack for the summer of ’16.

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12 Inch LP

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