Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Cream


Shuko & F. (of Audiotreats)


Cookies & Cream


Jakara Records / jakarta033

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1. smile
2. life so blue
3. dancing
4. sara-lina
5. far away
6. l.a.
7. boogie goldberg
8. luther
9. a brooklyn night walk
10. nite & day
11. 80s chopsuey
12. soundcheck
13. never ending
14. dancing on stars
15. old thing

Cookies & cream is the new instrumental album from popular german beatsmiths Shuko and F. (of audiotreats). Shuko has lent his production talents to artists ranging from Lil Wayne & Rick Ross to Vinnie paz & Immortal Techniqe to Talib Kweli & Keith Murray, while F has productions for big german acts such as Dendemann and Joy Denelane under his belt. Though this new instrumental album shows off their more soulful side. Hard hitting drums and warm basslines compliment the finely chopped samples that make this a must have for the summer months. Definetly a treat for the ear with with a wide ranging selection of beats that feel more like full songs rather then the background music for a MC to rap to. The vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies and includes two exclusive tracks that are not available on the digital version of the album.

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