Comeme CD 04

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1. i dont
2. paranoia
3. me without you
4. paquidermos
5. contoneate
6. anestesia
7. matasanos
8. transilvania no mercy (feat. los malos: lord byron, gladkazuka, cucharita)
9. boqueron
10. necrophilic love (feat. diegors y daniel maloso)

Downstairs please, heaven can wait. Our destination is an urban Hades, an alluring underworld. When youre mono-named (like Sano) your epithet sounds like a code word anyway. So lets get in.

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Downstairs please, heaven can wait. Our destination is an urban Hades, an alluring underworld. When you´re mono-named (like Sano) your epithet sounds like a code word anyway. So let´s get in. At first we´re inside a studio in Medellin: "Convulsed jams at night, empty bottles, smoke and red lights flashing on the mixing desk. Next day, beer with orange juice and hours of plastic surgery on the screen. A black river, a dog from outer space and a sonic laboratory as witnesses." Speaking of names, you have to know that what is here called "black river" is actually a distinguished circle of friends, all engaged in shaping the gloriously contorted darkness of this stirring 10-track epic. There are: Lord Byron (the Alchemist, former Lord Byron Maiden), Glad Secret Kazuka, Little Chucharita, Cornelio (the spirit himself) and - you already know this man - Diegors. Not to forget Wilson, the dog from outer space, capable of the most moving bark ever heard in a techno track ("Boquerón"). Who can resist such splendid company? We know Sano is a devoted underworld utopian having realized his nightworld fantasies with clandestine parties at Medellin´s ghostclub Perro Negro, a place reminiscent of Medellin's golden age demimonde. That´s why there has always been another company to Sano, albeit a fiction: Strangers, hustlers, tricksters doing their mischievous business while luring curious youngsters. Figures such as Juanito Alimaña, the "king of crime" (as Salsa legend Hector Lavoe sings). It is since "Chupa"! (Cómeme 15) that Sano turned out to be a masterly conductor of such delicate mischievous spirits we all love to let them deceive us, transforming them into sounds as full of sweet malice as they are of sweet love. Just listen to "Matasanos": Bad medicine. And then listen to "Me without You". International airport heart crash jam. Transcontinental love words. And then listen to "Paquidermos". Sano: "This one is ripped off from Juanito Alimaña´s iPod". What else? "I don´t": Back to adolescence. Dam Funk, Aguardiente and Kölsch. "Contonéate": Learned at Julita & Odile's palace in Paris. A James White & the Blacks enlightenment. "Anestesia": Late night painkiller jam. "Transilvania No Mercy" (feat. Los Malos): Asynchronous jam by the black river crew. "Necrophilic Love" (feat. Diegors): One night in Medellín, there was this guy that inspired us telling stories about a dead girlfriend of his youth and the way he almost loses his fingers. Diegors as the keyboard slave, Sano on drums. "Paranoic": How can you ask?
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