Dissonant / DSCD002

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1. concrethereal
2. aju paraplu
3. nelcorpo
4. the mole tool
5. dark tunnel
6. gominola
7. 6am
8. the mole
9. two in a row
10. each sense
11. tribute
12. extended

After Years Spent As A Firm Fixture In The Dissonant Family, It Seems Only Right That Italian Duo Re-up Should Present Their Debut Album On The Label That They Call Home. Across Eleven Tracks Of Immersive, Psychoactive House And Techno, Leo And Omar Showcase What A Diverse And Engaging Team They Are Both For The Dancefloor And As A Personal Listening Experience

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“Concrethereal” opens the mix in an esoteric style with a complex arrangement of percussion and melodic chimes that soar away into meditative realms, before “Aju Paraplu” strides forth with urgency and subliminal sound design, letting haunting fragments of processing drift in between the beats while the title track “Nelcorpo” captivates with its mysterious pads swirling around angular fragments of rhythm. “Dark Tunnel” brings on a tougher beat with a haunting soul to catch the dancers unaware, before “Gominola” comes to life in a romantic swell of orchestration, rich in energy without losing that all-important subtlety. “6 AM” equally has a rich sound world to get lost in, using a bed of forest textures as a comfortable backdrop in contrast to the piercing impact of the lead synth. “The Mole” locks the listener in with a vivid picture of crooked, rusted textures conjured up using layers of rough and metallic found-sounds. “Two In A Row” meanwhile takes its time in building up the tension, working with a locomotive urgency and yet maintaining a voluptuous appeal to the rhythm section of the track. Heading into the later stages of the mix, “Each Sense” holds tightly on to the groove, celebrating multi-sensory stimulation with its intricate and seriously funky percussion.
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