Los Angeles 3 / 10 (10 inch)
Los Angeles 3 / 10 (10 inch)


Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / Samiyam


Los Angeles 3 / 10 (10 inch)


All City Records / ACLA10x10x3

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1. ras g and the afrikan space program - flight delay
2. ras g and the afrikan space program - ourtrill
3. ras g and the afrikan space program - breakfast blunts
4. samiyam - fishsticks
5. samiyam - brad
6. samiyam - space

Third episode in the All City Los Angeles series featuring the talents of Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program and the one and only Samiyam.
3rd 10 of the series comes from Ras_G (Poobah/Brainfeeder) and Samiyam (Poobah/Hyperdub) who give us 3 tracks each. B+ comes correct on the sleeveart once again. Ras needs no introduction - a fixture on the underground hiphop scene in LA since the early 90s and a proud South Central LA resident. One of the founders of the Poo-Bah Label he comes with three bass heavy speaker smashers! On the other side we get three tracks from Samiyam with his signature synth sound, melancholy melodies and off-centre post-Dilla funk.

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