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Strictly Rhythm / STRV05DC

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1. ultra nate - situation critical (original mix)
2. the wamdue project - remember the memory (original mix)
3. angel moraes featuring sally cortes - burnin up (radio slave re-edit)
4. mood life - needs (not wants) (original mix)
5. venus - lippstikk (original mix)
6. after hours - feel it (bonus beats)
7. mood ii swing - do it your way (original mix)
8. black magic - freedom (make it funky) (color 4 frankies dub - radio slave re-edit)
9. photon inc. - everybody freedom (scream beats - radio slave re-edit)
10. k. dope - watch this (radio slave re-edit)
11. the mole people - break night (the lost tapes 2009 edit)
12. dj sneak - keep on groovin (fat bottom mix!)
13. mood ii swing - all night long (radio slave re-edit)
14. logic - i got somethin (radio slave re-edit)

Matt Edwards, better known by his moniker Radio Slave, is heading up the next instalment in the Strictly Rhythms series. A former Londoner relocated to Berlin, he is known for his gracefully hypnotic DJ sets behind the decks at the worlds most renowned dance floors including Space (Ibiza), Berghain (Berlin) or Fabric (London). He also heads up the highly acclaimed Rekids label and has produced a string of fantastic tracks. check it out!

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Disc 1: Radio Slaves Strictly Downtown Mix

1. Ultra Nate - Situation Critical (Original Mix)
2. The Wamdue Project - Remember The Memory (Original Mix)
3. Angel Moraes featuring Sally Cortes - Burnin Up (Radio Slave Re-Edit)
4. Mood Life - Needs (Not Wants) (Original Mix)
5. Venus - Lippstikk (Original Mix)
6. After Hours - Feel It (Bonus Beats)
7. Mood II Swing - Do It Your Way (Original Mix)
8. Black Magic - Freedom (Make It Funky) (Color 4 Frankies Dub - Radio Slave Re-Edit)
9. Photon Inc. - Everybody Freedom (Scream Beats - Radio Slave Re-Edit)
10. K. Dope - Watch This (Radio Slave Re-Edit)
11. The Mole People - Break Night (The Lost Tapes 2009 Edit)
12. DJ Sneak - Keep On Groovin (Fat Bottom Mix!)
13. Mood II Swing - All Night Long (Radio Slave Re-Edit)
14. Logic - I Got Somethin (Radio Slave Re-Edit)

Disc 2: Radioslaves Strictly Uptown Mix

1. Barbara Tucker - Stay Together (The Ravin Mix - Radio Slave Re-Edit)
2. Mood II Swing - I Like It (Radio Slave Re-Edit)
3. K. Dope - Tribal Seagulls (Radio Slave Re-Edit)
4. The Mole People - Ocean (Edit)
5. Hardhead - Demon Dreams (Gravediggin Mix)
6. The Stickmen - The Drug (Original Mix)
7. Black Magic - Freedom (Make It Funky) (Color 3 Lil Louis Zohz Sub Dub)
8. The Untouchables - I'm For Real (Original Mix)
9. The Untouchables - Louie Anthem Part II (Factory Bar Mix)
10. Radio Slave - Radio Slave's Strictly Downtown Mix (Continuous DJ Mix)
11. Radio Slave - Radio Slave's Strictly Uptown Mix (Continuous DJ Mix)
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