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1. acredita
2. juvinal
3. tentativa
4. saude
5. momento
6. djarmai azul
7. batuk na rua
8. velha chiquinha
9. summertime
10. tamcalacatam
11. spera txuba

Pupkulies & Rebecca, A Three Person Musical Collective Whose Members Janosch And Rebecca Blaul As Well As Sepp Singwald Reside In Würzburg And Berlin Have Developed Into A Veritable Force In The European Club Scene Due To Their Recent Releases And Largely Through Word Of Mouth.

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Electro Pop
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They have gained a firm foothold in the electro scene due to numerous live gigs throughout Europe, remix of their songs from notable artists like Masomenos, Marek Hemann and Guti and also remix requests from artists including AKA AKA und Oliver Schories. Their healthy mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds draws on influences that go back to the dawn of time revealing them for audible perception. Doing so they enrobe chanson and folk in more modern attire and sensitively combine these music styles with pulsing synthesizer bass lines, house grooves and the aesthetic of modern club music. With their new project the African continent has been incorporated in the form of the West African archipelago the Cape Verde islands where the musical roots as well as the native Portuguese based Creole language are explored. On their new Album “Tibau” to be released by normoton on the 04.10.2013 Pupkulies & Rebecca combine their own method of approach with the traditional Cape Verdian singer songwriter approach. Janosch Blaul grew up on the Cape Verde islands where his parents worked as development aids and his connection to the islands is strong to this day. The connection pertains especially to Tibau Tavares a singer songwriter who became a member of Pupkulies & Rebecca for this album. The interplay between the two differing musical worlds combined perfectly when the collective complete with recording equipment and instruments visited Tibau Tavares in his home town for four weeks of which “Tibau” is the audible proof.
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