Kranglan Broadcast / KLN002CD

hurt little birds (popnoname remix)
only for tonight (disrelatedkin remix)
feelings (harald björk remix)
fog dancers (studio barnhus remix)
when the night is over (clara moto remix)
dance closer (nathan fake remix)

Electronic, danceable pop meets industrial, dark techno. Its the first time you can hear the folkpopsongs of Piroth in these free interpretations. Piroth Remixed is a collaboration between the Swedishlabel Kranglan Broadcast and Oma Gusti Records. The release consists of 6 remixes of songs by the Swedish folk-pop duo Piroth. The remixes are made by some of the finest electronic producers such as Popnoname (Kompakt/Firm/Italic), DisRelatedKin (Ministry of Sound/Kitsuné), Harald Björk (Kranglan Broadcast), Studio Barnhus (Petter Nordkvist, Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács StudioBarnhus/Border Community/Pampa Records/Ourvision Recordings), Clara Moto (Infiné) and Nathan Fake (Border Community). The release is scheduled to the 26th of January 2011. The mastering is done by Stefan Echinger aka Lopazz.

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"the thoughts of this remix are very simple, in the first half the bird is in the cage, in the second half
the bird, or maybe it‘s only the soul, escapes"
// Popnoname
"I wanted to make Only for Tonight sound big and heavy, like a moving train. Keeping the vocals
almost intact to preserve the original feeling of the song"
// DisRelatedKin
"I played with the feeling of frustration in the lyrics and recorded vocals, it is a balance between
sweet emotions and melancholic frustration. I found it especially fun to slice up and make glitch like
melodies of the key fiddle track since it is such a classical Swedish instrument"
// Harald Björk
"The Studio Barnhus remix of Fog Dancer transforms the sweet and eerie pop song into a chaotic
house jam, letting Juno chords and basslines set the pace for the slow, steady groove, sprinkled with
cut up vocals and drums from the original track”
// Kornél Kovács
”I was really glad and excited about remixing a "non-techno track", and to work with vocal tracks. I
decided to make something dark, really different from the original and to disturb the song structure.
As I really like the original song, it was easy to come up with ideas and I enjoyed working on the
// Clara Moto
"I did the remix quite on impulse. I didn’t use any sequencers for it, just cutting up the guitars in
CoolEdit and layering them before recording the mixdown to tape. I did it in an evening, though I
don’t feel like it was rushed. I’m really happy with it”
// Nathan Fake
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