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1. i need to know feat. dani siciliano
2. perdre son ame
3. apache
4. teardrops
5. the crab dance
6. saint
7. cherry trees
8. come with me feat. jaw
9. holding you
10. supernova
11. perdre son ame (noze remix)
12. i need to know feat. dani siciliano (noze remix)
13. come with me feat. jaw (noze remix)
14. teardrops (noze remix)
15. apache (noze remix)
16. saint (noze remix)
17. the crab dance (noze remix)
18. supernova (noze remix)
19. holding you (noze remix)
20. cherry tree (noze remix)

Four years since they released Dring, Nôze are making a very welcome return to Circus Company with their fifth album Come With Us, and once again the pairing of Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhes has yielded a collection of captivating and curious songs that could only come from the unique sound world they inhabit.

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As has been evident throughout their career from their early experimental house days through to the more recent song-based material for Get Physical, the Parisian duo have always moved on from album to album, maturing their sound to deliver a new experience for themselves and their listeners every time. On this occasion, Come With Us finds Nicolas and Ezechiel in a particularly introspective mood. Even as their work has naturally turned more to home-listening craft over the years, here they revel even more in personal reflection both musically and lyrically. Tracks such as “Saint” conjure up the romanticism of dustbowl blues with its vagabond guitar tones (played by long time collaborator Thibault Frisoni), while Nicolas’s voice reaches new distinctive heights in spellbinding tales like “Apache". Emiliano Turi also lends a new sense of natural groove to the Nôze sound with his live drumming, and as ever, Nicolas and Ezechiel are keen to bring their friends into the fold for guest vocal spots. Dani Siciliano spars beautifully with Nicolas on the disco-inflected album opener “I Need To Know"
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