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1. atoll
2. lies
3. agents and spies
4. city lights
5. on my way
6. la isla
7. blue overture
8. circus
9. electronica (la droga)
10. polaris
11. mother earth
12. the comet

Two Years Have Passed Since Beyond Time Conquered The Hearts Of All The Fellow Space Cadets From Ibiza To Frankfurt. Regardless Of Time And Space, Electronica Is A Worthy Follow-up Album

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The album ‘Electronica’ by the professional chillers of Noom Café is ready to enchant the listener with its Balearic charm. And like the title track ‘Electronica (La Droga)’ already announces, no limits are known for the heady cosmos of electronic sounds. 12 tracks made their way onto the album, too many to highlight each one of them. Noom Café draw on unlimited resources of their fundus. Ambient tracks (’Polaris’, ‘Mother Earth’) invite the listener to dream oneself to the most remote places of the universe. Reclined Broken Beats of the Viennese School (’On My Way’) take on romantic Balearic synth tracks. Cinematic moments evoke reminiscences of foreign countries and undiscovered archipelagos. Here stories are told and associations are being played with. Songs like ‘Atoll’ and ‘La Isla’ set the course for an endless journey. But where does this journey lead? For Noom Café it is always a journey to one’s self: The living utopia of a consciousness in harmony with the environment. Taken as a whole ‘Electronica’ represents a retrospective. It replaces genre boundaries with dazzling fusion. Each song participates to develop the foundation of a message that seems to stand above all: We are one. At the end of the album we finally celebrate the return from a long journey together with Noom Café and their friends. The bass drum moves to the fore again when the remixers take over to end the day with a boisterous celebration. And we are already looking forward to the next adventure.
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