NHB & Pascal Nuzzo




Organism / orga036

1. elites
2. shapeshift
3. controversial

Two techno heavyweights in the form of Swiss producer Pascal Nuzzo and UK duo NHB come together for three fierce tracks on the !Organism label. NHB can be considered one the of best recent revelations in minimal techno, where they found a place thanks to their experiences of the late 90s rave underground. NHBs philosophy has always been linked with the use of real synthesizers and drum machines and that shows here, whilst Nuzzo has had plenty of big hits in various sonic realms over the last few years, from French filter house to EDM to full on techno.

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Their first track, ‘Elites’, is a world of subliminal techno funk, subtle metallic chords and rolling beats that suck you right into their very core and hypnotise. Searching synths bring that desolate urbane feel and fans of streamlined techno will find no finer tune.

‘Shapeshift’ is a little more intense, with stormy claps breaking like thunder clouds and ticking percussion bringing a mechanical feel to the brushed metal loops and rolling drums.

Last offering ‘Controversial’ hits the hardest and darkest and has a bleak, forboding hook right at its heart. Daubs of gloopy synth and more thundering claps occasionally pepper the beats but little detracts from the effortlessly smooth groove.

Another fine pairing make for another fine outing for !Organism here.
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