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Timelines is the new LP from British house producer Luke Solomon and it will be released via his and Derrick Carters Classic imprint in May in a package that features the LP, a selection of remixes and a mixed bonus version

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Luke Solomon’s influence on house music has been strongly felt for many years. As a DJ and promoter he pioneered mid-week London clubbing with his legendary Space night alongside the late, great Kenny Hawkes. As a producer he has constantly delivered original, often idiosyncratic and always unique house music (and beyond) for an enviable list of imprints. As an A&R he has helped develop many a career (Tiefschwarz, Freeform 5 and Isolee to name but a few) with The Classic Music Company and continues to do so with Classic and his new role as one of Defected’s A&R team.

‘Timelines is an album that I have been making and remaking over the last 6 years.

I started work on it off of the back of The Difference Engine (Rekids), my last LP under my own name. The idea was to make the album part of a trilogy, this one being representative of my more Balearic roots. The original version that was completed fell on deaf ears quite considerably and it became a bit of a sticking point for me.

I decided to put it to one side and in the process started working on some other music, which in turn, helped me stumble across a new sound and production technique. The initial idea was to work on a series of songs that represented significant points in my life, but lyrically and musically. It then became more relevant to the 6 years of writing and producing the album. A lot of shit happened, and I was able to pour it into finally completing the album. I then decided to keep the album guarded and close as it had become that personal. I didn't want the album to be effected by opinions of those that were too close to me and the music.

What I ended up with is something that has come straight from the heart. Made possible by joining forces with a whole stack of talented musicians and singers over the last 6 years.’
Luke Solomon

‘Timelines’, even the incredibly humble and self-effacing Solomon would agree, is his best work to date. Featuring vocal contributions from Jon Marsh, Natalie Broomes, Terry Grant and Tiger Tiger, as well as musicianship from Arthur Jeffes (various keys), Andy Neil (guitar and bass), Martin Radford (strings), Sammy Bishai (Violins) , Chris Storr (Horns), Steve Parry (Horns), Anu Pilai (Guitar/bass), Tom Bailey (Guitar) and Danny Harrison (Drums), ‘Timelines’ is so much more than the usual house music album, it’s one man deftly controlling and mastering his very own musical chaos.

Luke Solomon’s ‘Timelines’ is released on Classic mid-May 2013.
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