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1. dormancy survivors
2. victors history

Two Producers At The Top Of Their Games. Silent Servants Expert Handling Of Noise And Distortion And Lucys Ability To Create Narratives Where You Least Expect Them Form A Startling Hybrid.

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12 Inch
Dub Techno
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Sales Information:

The History Survivors EP is a fierce collaboration between two of electronic music's most intriguing producers, Lucy & Silent Servant.

Entering the production process together Luca Mortellaro and Juan Mendez delved into a period of studio based research. On the trail of a hybrid sound they rendered their questions with both digital and analogue machines, synthesising their suspicions into existence and layering sounds until they took on unmistakeable form. Two tracks emerged and Mote-Evolver has pressed these dark tales onto each side of the Mote034 vinyl.

A-side Dormancy Survivors begins with a metallic rasp and opens out into a euphoric state. It's as if a story that was long repressed is finally being retold. And this story is told in syncopated sentences that are punctuated with slanted snares. Odd bleeps rotate around the weight of the bass-line and strange atmospherics catch you brilliantly unawares. This is an industrial-strength peak-time track.

Victors History is expansive and hypnotic. Pulling you into its loops the track is littered with glimmering asides. Low frequencies tug at the undercarriage and heighten the damage that the bass is committing. If the A-side tells the tale that history neglects, the B-side asks you to question the narratives weaved by the winners.

Mote034 combines the expertise of two producers at the top of their games. Silent Servant's expert handling of noise and distortion and Lucy's ability to create narratives where you least expect them form a startling hybrid. History Survivors is an EP that will move your feet, your thoughts and most importantly your expectations.
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