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Moll Selekta 12

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1. rastafari
2. purity rock
3. pussy man
4. fight to the finish
5. voodoo
6. panic in babylon
7. perrys ballad
8. i am a psychiatrist
9. inspector gadjet 2004
10. are you coming home?
11. baby krishna
12. greetings
13. devil dead - live
14. fight to the finish - live
15. push push - live

As one of the most innovative legends in the history of reggae music, Lee Perry presents his new dub poetry project. Supported by the White Belly Rats, a new dub combo who composed the musical landscape, Mr Perry, always as upsetting, offers us powerful dub songs essentially inspired by his spiritual journey and the critical world situation.
After over 150 albums (!) as a producer and /or artist, the founder of reggae and dub strikes back with his new album. You may look at it as a collection of spontaneous poetry where tracks with rough lyrics and without any concessions or even prophetically inspired songs meet simpler lyrics like in the famous >Inspector Gadget<. The whole thing was set up with such a clearness, realism and humor that both the fans of yesterday and others, who wish to get to know an authentic and engaged artist with an unlimited genius will be convinced.
Composed by DJ Startrek and his combo >The White Belly Rats< (DJ Startrek on bass, Lax Delux on guitar and Senator Spahni on drums), produced by P. Brunkow and mastered at Sterling Sound NY, >Panic In Babylon< is ? according to some privileged who could already listen ? the essence of the new dub of the third millenium!
And on top there is the solo (in >Panic In Babylon<) by the famous Rico Rodriguez, the great master of the reggae trombone ? who could ask for more?

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2x12 Inch
Ragga Dancehall Reggae
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