Mule Musiq CD 46

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1. horses
2. a day in the life
3. lucy,lucy
4. nowhere is a place
5. marlen
6. fainting
7. simmer
8. the visit
9. dreams are dead
10. blue mountain
11. bonheur
12. lost in joy

Peter Kersten Opens Ambient Into The Wide Open With His Very Own Musical And Emotive Language.

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all art has to be combined with the notion of outlast. this can be only realized when the energies of the expenditure do not disappear and get stored in the creation. to get this creative process started, an artist needs to open himself to the world collapsing upon him.

"a day in the life" – the brand-new ambient and beyond album by lawrence, confirms this assumption – yet no world really collapsed on the dj and producer from hamburg. instead his emotional perception danced upon friendship and wanderlust and he put together twelve tracks for an album dedicated to his long lasting relation to toshiya kawasaki, man of action behind labels like mule musiq, endless flight and mule electronic, and the artist stefan marx.

besides co-running the label dial and the mathew gallery in berlin lawrence is constantly releasing music on his own labels

and befriended platforms like smallville records. furthermore the north german regularly contributes to kawasaki's imprints mule musiq and electronic. just recently he dropped the ep "blue mountain" on mule musiq – a deep emotional foretaste of what "a day in the life" delivers on album length.

the music he shares on his latest long player isn't linked to a special place or event. he mostly produced it up-road on his dj trips around the globe including toshiya's homeland japan. back in his cosy backyard studio in hamburg he finished all musical pieces and mixed them down with a lot of joy.

they are listening to great track names like "nowhere is a place" or "lost in joy", which allow in combination with the lovingly detailed sounds imaginative mind games. in terms of style ambient calls the tune and opens the genre into the wide open with the very own musical and emotive language of lawrence.

a track like "nowhere is a place" spreads smoothly twisted spectral vibes with blurring sounds that could easily originate from alienated instruments like a damaru or a conch horn. lawrence himself keeps it secret and let the music speak for itself. sometimes soft sizzling noise slides under gentle balanced ambient air like in the track "the visit".

in other arrangements he let the chords dance with cute smacking electronic glimpses or odd slow-motion melodies remind on the work of hans-joachim roedelius and his love for the gentle swing.

all compositions float and sound like the improvisations of a virtuoso who has forgotten his virtuosity in order to drown real deep in his creations. for lawrence the album is "a triple buddy record" as not only his emotional content is included in the finished product. also his friends stefan marx – who is in charge for the artwork - and mule musiq head toshiya kawasaki have been profoundly involved in the outcome.

"since ten years the three of us work together. the record shows this very nicely in terms of our love for ambient music and cover artwork. the cover shows stefan's sublet apartment in nyc – also a very ambient place.

the idea for the record emerged out of a sudden inspiration and this fits prefect to the way how toshiya runs a label where sharing a good natural wine is more important than marketing."

lawrence confesses about the genesis of "a day in the life" and its emotional content. it is a weightless one where all feelings are stored supremely in what you can hear, see and hold in hand. and they are not made for them alone. they are there to share.
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