Bpitch Control / BPC196cd

autumn leaves
after the storm
good vodoo (feat. chela simone)
no words necessary
immortal (feat. pirica)
death railway
twins feat. jake the rapper
living on

Dolle Dancefloorbomben, jackende Oldschool Tracks und fantastische Downbeat Exkursionen machen >Kaiku< zu einem Album, das mit Abstand das Reifeste und Zeitloseste ist, was man bisher von Kiki gehört hat. Absolute Empfehlung

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Sometimes, producing an album is a process that happens in waves. The ideas come and go. Some get realized instantly, others need time or pondering to inspire new ideas and some just disappear slowly but surely from one s mind. For his second album Joakim Ijäs, better known as Kiki, has fully gotten himself into these waves that form a creative process: phases in which everything seems clear - but also moments when things appear stuck and one remains uncertain about what step to take next to make a vision come to life. When I worked on the album there were situations when I had a very clear picture of what I wanted without knowing for sure how to realize it, so I had to take a short break. Each time this happened I found a solution after a few days that would solve my dilemma. It was as if I had shouted a question into a world within my mind and what came back was my echo with the answer , remembers Kiki. Hence it is no big surprise that Kiki titled his album Kaiku - the Finnish term for echo . While all artists who contributed to Kaiku stepped into Kiki s life in very unforeseen fashions and ways, Kaiku speaks of a maturing process that moved away some of the focus from club compatibility towards a more subtle and personal mood - and memories of last weekend seem to resonate like a gentle echo. Jacking old school tracks like Good Voodoo or floating anthems like Starslider stand right next to Downbeat variations such as No Words Necessary and typical dancefloor bombs like the opening track Autumn Leaves or Mogadishu , making Kaiku by far the most mature and timeless thing ever to come from Kiki!!
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